$150 Chicago Stimulus Checks: How to Get It

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To help citizens cope with rising fuel prices, the City of Chicago will soon offer stimulus checks to low-income residents. These Chicago stimulus checks will come in the form of prepaid gas cards and public transit cards. Eligible residents will receive either a $150 prepaid gas card or a $50 transit pass.

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Chicago stimulus checks: Who will get them?

The Chicago stimulus checks are part of the Chicago Moves program, which was approved by the city council by a very narrow margin (26-23) on April 27. Under the program, the city will send out 50,000 preloaded gas cards of $150 each. and 100,000 preloaded transit cards of $50 each.

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“Chicago Moves is a financial assistance program providing $12.5 million in transportation relief to Chicagoans in need,” the program’s website says.

About 75% of these cards will go to low-income communities or residents of community areas facing higher mobility challenges. The rest will go to eligible beneficiaries in the rest of the city.

Gas card recipients will be able to use them at stations in the city of Chicago. Travel cards can be redeemed at Ventra vending machines at CTA stations, Ventra outlets or on the Ventra website or mobile app.

How to Apply for the Chicago Moves Program

Authorities began accepting applications for the Chicago Moves program starting April 27. Those who meet the conditions will be entered into a lottery. The state will use the lottery to determine which recipients will receive the cards between May and September.

To be considered for Chicago stimulus checks, an applicant must be a Chicago resident, be at least 18 years old, and have a household income at or below 100% of the area’s median income.

Additionally, those applying for the gas card must have a current and valid city sticker with accurate postal information for their vehicle. The lottery will take place the second week of May, June, July, August and September.

“To be considered for each month’s lottery, applications must be submitted by the first day of that month,” the program’s website says. “If you are not selected for the draw of the month, you are automatically registered for the next one. Only one application will be accepted. »

You can enter the lottery online at the Chicago.gov/ChicagoMoves website or in person at any Chicago Public Library location. You can also mail your application (ATTN: Dept. of Finance: Chicago Moves, 121 N. Lasalle St., Floor 7).

Those selected for the gas or transit card will be notified by email. Selected recipients will receive the card by post or can pick it up at the town hall. Applicants must specify their preferred delivery method when completing the application.


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