AFC Women’s Asian Cup: Volunteers rewarded for their hard work

Amid the ongoing AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022, the volunteers working behind the scenes of this prestigious tournament are garnering praise from all corners for their diligence and hard work. The volunteers who are part of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) come from various colleges of management across India and the LOC volunteer program aims to create a strong pipeline of young leaders in the field of sports.

One of the volunteers, Vaishali Pandey, who is currently pursuing an MBA in Sports Management at Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences, was given the opportunity to volunteer at the event through her University Placement Cell. . “I’m in the Marketing and Infotainment department. The conclusion from both cells is that whatever the situation, we have to find a workable solution. I work as an announcer in matches where timing is everything, therefore, precision and efficiency are mandatory here,” Vaishali said in a statement.

“This experience has made me realize that I can work beyond my potential. Be authentic in the work given to you and give more than 100% to the work given to us,” she added. Giving people opportunities at a time when sporting events have been halted or postponed by the pandemic for more than two years has been a blessing for young enthusiasts looking to enter this industry.

Vedant Gupta, a second-year MBA student pursuing a degree in sports business management at DY Patil School of Management, said the tournament, his first sporting event, was an incredible learning experience for him. “The overall experience throughout the tournament for me was wonderful as it was my first sporting event and I learned a lot of new things. From the process to the detailed bifurcation of departments and their roles and responsibilities – the whole race-throughout the event and many other things,” he said.

Another volunteer, Harleen Kohli, who works in media operations at the event, spoke about the challenges they faced and how they learned to overcome these situations. “Because the tournament was taking place during COVID, learning and implementing the various protocols so early in our careers is a feather in our collective caps. The fact that we were able to handle everything in a calm and professional manner is a testament to the unified effort everyone towards a common goal,” she said.

“AFC has been an amazing and one-of-a-kind experience. When this is over, I will miss going to the stadium every day because it was the best part of my day. However, in addition to providing an exceptional learning experience, Volunteering for the AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022 has given me the opportunity to network, gain more confidence and forge new friendships,” she added. (ANI)

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