Announcement of Scholarship Winners – Farmville

Green Ridge Recycling and Disposal Facility, LLC (Green Ridge) recently congratulated the 11 Cumberland County students who received this year’s Green Ridge Scholarships from the Cumberland County Public Schools Foundation.

This is the second group of students to receive the Green Ridge Scholarships with 11 members of Cumberland High School’s Class of 2021 representing the first class to be eligible for the scholarship. This year also saw two current Cumberland County students who received Green Ridge Scholarships in 2021 do so again to help them pursue their college education. The full list of recipients can be found below.

In December 2020, Green Ridge established a $60,000 scholarship fund for Cumberland County public school students to fund $12,000 in scholarships per year for the next five years. The money is given to minority students, low-income students, and students who are the first generation in their family to pursue a post-secondary program. The Cumberland County Public Schools Foundation oversees scholarship applications, amounts, and recipients.

Below is the list of 2021 and 2022 scholarship recipients and the schools they attend or plan to attend.


• Mark Patterson, Old Dominion University

• Ebony Aruz-Tellez, Longwood University


• Calvin Foster, Virginia Commonwealth University

• Cooper Ellis, George Mason University

• Kyler Gilliam, Virginia Commonwealth University

• Wyatt Pence, George Mason University

• Chelsea Moorefield, Longwood University

• Jack McCutchen, University of Vermont

• Ashley Worrell, University of Virginia

• Daniel Stone, Liberty University

• Sheila Robinson, Virginia Commonwealth University


• Mark Patterson, Randolph College

• Ebony Aruz-Tellez, Longwood University

• Essence Ayers, East Carolina University

• Carly Thompson, Virginia Commonwealth University

• Muzzammil Fulani, Virginia State University

• Maleeyah Scruggs, Mary Washington University

• Jeremy Johnson, Virginia State University

• Elizabeth Newman, University of Radford

• Janaia Trent, North Carolina A&T

• Lorraine Foster, Southside Virginia Community College

• Nadia Elasha, Virginia Commonwealth University

“I would like to congratulate the recipients of these scholarships for their commitment to education and for taking the next step to ensure a bright future. They are examples of hard work and dedication, and I am confident they will continue to be successful as they pursue their college career goals,” said Jerry Cifor, president of Green Ridge. “These scholarships are another example of Green Ridge’s commitment to supporting the community and how we are helping to make Cumberland County an even better place to live, work and learn. We look forward to being a strong partner in the community for years to come.

The $60,000 scholarship fund is one of many donations Green Ridge has made to support the Cumberland County community and students in Cumberland County schools. In 2019, Green Ridge provided over $4,200 to Cumberland County High School for new band uniforms. That same year, Green Ridge contributed $400,000 to the county to cover a budget shortfall that would otherwise have resulted in reduced services or increased taxes for residents of Cumberland County. In 2021, Green Ridge announced the donation of $250,000 to Cumberland County to be used to develop three new parks in the county.

The Green Ridge Recycling and Disposal Facility is expected to provide $74 million in hospitality costs over the project’s 30-year lifespan; $7.5 million in donations to Cumberland County Public Schools for an environmental science education program; $15 million in taxes on machinery, equipment and tools; and $7.5 million in county recreation programs – in addition to property and other taxes and fees that will be paid. Green Ridge will also provide free waste disposal and recycling for county buildings and all county residents, saving Cumberland $650,000 each year.

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