Award honors man who died trying to save children from drowning

HOUMA, Louisiana (AP) – A man from Houma who died trying to save three children from drowning off Grand Isle has been honored with a prestigious award for heroism.

Terrell Miller, Sr., 33, is one of 17 people honored with the Carnegie Medal.

The Carnegie Hero Fund, a Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization, presents the award annually to recognize people in the United States and Canada who are in extreme danger while saving or attempting to save the lives of others.

Although he cannot swim, Miller, a marine industrial tank cleaner, entered the Gulf of Mexico after three children were removed from shore in deeper water on June 5, 2020.

“The mother of two of the children also entered the water and briefly grabbed the youngest child, but they were separated,” the Hero Fund’s description of the incident reads.

Miller reached the 13-year-old and towed her 25 feet to shore before they parted ways.

Miller then went underwater.

“Other bystanders and first responders pulled Miller out of the water, then rescued the mother and three children,” the description reads. “The mother and the 13-year-old girl were taken care of by paramedics. The 8 and 9-year-old boys could not be resuscitated and Miller died two days later of medical complications related to near drowning.

He is one of the last five Carnegie Medal recipients to die trying to save children from drowning.

With the December 20 announcement, 10,273 Carnegie Medals have been awarded since the fund was established in 1904 by industrialist-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie,

Carnegie Hero Fund commission chairman Mark Laskow said each beneficiary or their survivors will also receive a financial grant. Since the program began, more than $ 43 million has been provided in the form of one-time grants, scholarships, death benefits and ongoing assistance.

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