Cambridge Community Heart and Soul public launch

CAMBRIDGE, Illinois — Last August, Community Heart & Soul announced that the village of Cambridge was the first recipient of this $ 10,000 national seed grant. This grant and program offers the potential to transform the community through Community Heart & Soul, a resident-focused community development process that leads to increased local pride, more viable economic development projects, and stronger community ties. solid.

On Saturday, October 9, the group will make its public launch in conjunction with the 31st Annual Fall Review of The Cambridge United Methodist Church. From 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Cambridge Community Heart & Soul volunteers will be at the entrance to Cambridge Community Hall, located at 125 N. East Street, to hear firsthand from residents why they love where they live and their families. hopes. for the future of the neighborhood. This will be the first of many community storytelling exercises.

“I’m really excited to see what the Community Heart & Soul program can do for Cambridge. I know from talking to residents that the desire to rejuvenate and develop our city is strong and that many are ready to be a part of it. Helping Cambridge grow to meet all the needs of the community is something we will all be proud of, ”said village administrator Steve Brown.

During the project, which is expected to last eighteen months, the group will try to reach every resident of the Cambridge community to collect their stories. In these stories, common themes of what residents love the most about the area and their hopes for the future are expected to emerge. These themes will then become the foundation for decision making and serve to create a long term vision for the future of the community.

Mike Wignall, the project coordinator, says: “Volunteering for the Cambridge Community Heart & Soul project is one of the best decisions I’ve made. We are making a difference in Cambridge, Illinois and the changes will come from the residents of the community, all of them! “

Interested parties are encouraged to follow the Cambridge Community Heart & Soul pages on Facebook and Instagram for more information on the project, how to join the effort, and future activities and events.

For more information on the Community Heart & Soul Seed Grant, visit: For an interview, please contact Mike Wignall, Cambridge Community Heart & Soul Project Coordinator: Phone: (309) 368-9309 Email: mikewignall64 @

Objectives of the Cambridge Heart & Soul Community Project:

Strengthen our civic and non-profit organizations and provide them with the tools they need to associate with the village and with each other and become more involved in village activities.

Improve the planning and coordination of village-wide activities and improve the communication channels used to promote projects and events throughout the village.

Promote more engagement of young people and create more means for them to get involved in the civic life of the village.

Provide ways for residents to get to know each other and become a more welcoming place where people want to get involved.

Develop better outdoor recreation spaces that could be used by all the inhabitants of the village.

Focus on downtown development, including attractions and shopping, to make the village resilient and vibrant.

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