Chattanooga Theater Center Celebrates Outstanding Volunteers of the 2021-2022 Season

The volunteers who contributed to nine exciting shows that took to the stage as the Chattanooga Theater Center rebounded from the pandemic with the 2021-2022 season, took home top honors at the Center Stage Awards on Saturday.

The annual awards recognize the invaluable volunteers on and off stage who dedicated their time and talent to the success of the theater’s final season. The adults were joined by Youth Theater volunteers, many of whom received Sonia Young Honors for Excellence.

The major awards went to the Champion family as recipients of the President’s Award, which recognized the contributions of a beloved member of the CTC family, Vena Champion, who passed away this summer, and her sons, Drew and Alex. Box Office Assistant and Volunteer Kitty Murakami received the Producer Award, and CTC Book Club Founder Claire Bartlett was named Dan Jay Volunteer of the Year.

For their stage appearances, Shelia Wofford was recognized as People’s Favorite Actress in a Play and LaFrederick Thirkill was recognized as People’s Favorite Actor in a Play, both for Joe Turner’s Come and Gone. Georgia Sharp was honored as People’s Favorite Actress in a Musical for Little Women, and Mateo Tibbs was recognized as People’s Favorite Actor in a Musical for Giant Steps.

In behind-the-scenes roles, Juleen Collins was honored as Outstanding Stage Manager for her work on Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, and Karen Henderson was recognized as Outstanding Crew Member for volunteering behind the scenes at several shows.

For other services to the theatre, Pat and Bob Radel received the Outstanding Volunteer Front of House Award, and Laura Lewis received the Milly Farris Award for Outstanding Contribution to Youth Theatre. Carina Miller and Lily Obal were honored as Young Theater Managers of the Year, and Will James was recognized as Youth Theater Team Member of the Year.

By patron vote, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone was selected as Audience Favorite Play of the Year, and Little Women was Audience Favorite Musical of the Year.

Here is the list of other winners for each production:

Barefoot in the park (September/October 2021):
Chris Williamson, MVP Award
James Lawson, Director’s Choice Award
Erin Skelley, Manager’s Choice Award

The Hollow (October/November 2021):
Jeff Fowers, MVP Award
Deb Meeks, Director’s Choice Award
Joanna Lewis, Manager’s Choice Award

A Charlie Brown Christmas (December 2021):
Eli Binder and Josie Jullienne, Director’s Choice Award (Daisy Cast)
Charlie Clevenger and Hayley Lewis, Director’s Choice Award (Ace Cast)
Libbie Weaver, Manager’s Choice Award (Daisy Cast)
Ivy Hays, Manager’s Choice Award (Ace Cast)

Alabama Story (January/February 2022):
Magge Hudgins, MVP Award
Landon Carpenter, Director’s Choice Award
Karen Henderson, Manager’s Choice Award

Aladdin, Jr. (February 2022):
Darrius Calloway and Claire James, director’s choice award
Kaleb Hollings, Music Director’s Choice Award
Madison Jefferson, Choreographer’s Choice Award
Jack Smith, Manager’s Choice Award

Little Women (March/April 2022):
Georgia Sharp, MVP award
Jesse Headrick, Director’s Choice Award
Katie Love, Manager’s Choice Award
Hayley Lewis, Music Director’s Choice Award

The Velvet Rabbit (April/May 2022):
Benjamin Williams and Mariana Perez Lopez Tello, Director’s Choice Award (Roger Cast)
Christiana Russell and Nyla Jacks, Director’s Choice Award (Benjamin Cast)
Olivia Williams, Director’s Choice Award (Roger Cast)
Libbie Weaver and Ethan Johnson, Director’s Choice Award (Benjamin Cast)

Come and Gone by Joe Turner (June 2022):
Aneja Raiteri, MVP Award
Donel Solomon, Director’s Choice Award
Jill Burgess, Manager’s Choice Award

Giant Steps (July/August 2022):
Charlene Hong White, MVP Award
Mateo Tibbs, Director’s Choice Award
Hannah Engelbrecht, Manager’s Choice Award
Dawn Hendrix, Music Director’s Choice Award
Cherokee Ellison, Choreographer’s Choice Award

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