Chicago Crime: My Block, My Hood, My City volunteers were robbed as they hung Christmas lights in Washington Park on the south side

CHICAGO (WLS) – A festive event meant to spread holiday cheer in Chicago’s south side has taken an unfortunate turn after a group of volunteers are robbed.

This happened at an event called “Be Part of the Light” hosted by My Block, My Hood, My City. A group of four women who were helping decorate with the organization ended their hour-long efforts on 48th Street and King Drive.

“We are trying to inspire hope,” said Jahmal Cole, founder of My Block, My Hood, My City. “We are not the enemy!”

Police said a white SUV pulled over just before 4:00 p.m. At least two suspects came out and demanded ownership of the women before taking off with a purse, wallet and fanny pack.

“It’s not like that !” Cole said. “You risk all your freedom for $ 100!” “

The suspects drove away and the women left unharmed. The group ended the evening as planned by lighting up a Christmas tree in Washington Park.

“We have supplies to help the volunteers set things up,” Cole said.

And with more decorations to install, organizers said their efforts to bring the holiday cheer to their community won’t be deterred.

“We’ll have more security next weekend,” Cole said. “It’s just tragic, man. It’s just tragic that it happened in this town.”

Cole said the group will continue what they started when they return to Washington Park next Saturday to begin decorating more homes along King Drive.

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