Community Stars 2021: the finalists of the Covid Public Service Star

This is another category that aims to recognize people’s responses to the pandemic.

The finalists are Lois Brown, Karen Regan and Artwork Creative Communities.

Lois led the modality vaccination campaign – which included the establishment and management of three vaccination centers.

Over 70,000 jabs have been administered by Lois and the Modality team, and they were the first in the district to provide community context work, which has since been replicated across the region.

“Lois works hard and never stops, working all day and weekends to make sure the immunization clinics are well run, stocked with vaccines and always with lots of staff and volunteers,” said one. person who named her.

“This role is in addition to his management of three general practices in the district. As a wonderful wife and mother of two, who have also volunteered in clinics, she is truly a special person who deserves to be recognized.

Karen is the Clinical Director of the Patient Recruitment Center and is an experienced Senior Research Nurse at the Trust.

She played an “instrumental” role in carrying out the vaccine trials in Bradford, said a person who named her.

“Not the type to be in the limelight, Karen led by example and nothing has given her too much trouble,” they added.

“She always puts others first and champions research and research participants, ensuring that they are always treated with the utmost respect and care.

“She is an inspiration to everyone. From July 2020, when planning began for the delivery of the trials here in Bradford, Karen played a central role in overseeing the logistics of how it would all work in a very short timeframe as the first participant had was recruited in October 2020.

“Karen and her team worked tirelessly to ensure that the trials ran efficiently, and as a supporting leader, Karen gave nurses and other research staff the confidence to step out of their normal roles. . ”

Artworks Creative Communities is an arts charity serving Bradford for over 20 years.

It has become one of the region’s leading participatory arts organizations, reducing barriers to engagement through creativity.

One person who named them said: ‘Artworks truly appreciates its volunteers and partners and has assembled a’ Covid Action Team ‘to reach out to families in Bradford who were living in severe isolation due to data poverty.

“Refusing to let Covid be an obstacle for those in need, Artworks negotiated with donors to be able to respond to the crisis.

“He started a project called Bundles of Creativity, a signage booklet for families that contained essential health information for parents and activities for young people. Seven editions were produced in collaboration and more than 48,000 issues were distributed to families in the district in 10 months, with the help of food banks, volunteers and other services and community groups.

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