Czech capital sees gathering of Roma students awarded scholarships from ROMEA organization

On Friday, October 22, 2021, the gathering ceremony of scholarship holders supported by the Roma scholarship program of the organization ROMEA was held for Roma students in high schools, higher vocational schools and universities. (PHOTO: Karel Šuster,

On Friday 22 October 2021, the gathering ceremony of scholarship holders supported by the Roma scholarship program of the organization ROMEA for Roma students of high schools, higher vocational schools and universities took place in the Czech capital. Donors, organizers and students gathered in the Brožík Lounge of the Old Town Hall.

Over 70 students received scholarships this year. Moderator Jarmila Balážová was the host and ROMEA TV broadcast the rally live online.

This year, more than 70 Roma students applied for the ROMEA scholarship program, which is more than 20 more students than last year. With both high school and vocational high school students applying, the total number of scholarship applications exceeded 180.

The scholarships were awarded to 45 high school students, five vocational high school students and 28 middle school students. “The growing interest of Roma in studies in secondary schools and universities is very gratifying to us. We believe that education provides a person with tools to effectively cope with, for example, discrimination and social exclusion ”, described the program manager, Štefan Balog, described the vision of the scholarship program .


High school students received 14,000 CZK [EUR 545] for the school year, students of higher vocational schools received 21,000 CZK [EUR 820] and students attending university received 25,000 CZK [EUR 975] for the academic year. “We would have liked to support more than 80 students, but unfortunately our financial options did not allow this. If we manage to raise more resources, we will be able to support more students at least by taking language courses, benefiting from ‘tutoring, and paying for their school supplies,’ Balog said.

The students were addressed during the ceremony by the co-owner of Albatros Media, Silke Horáková, by the director of the Albatros Foundation, Jindra Marešová, by an independent consultant from Bader Philanthropies, Yechiel Bar-Chaim, and by the director of ROMEA organization, Zdeněk Ryšavý. Music production during the ceremony was provided by the fellows themselves, talented young guitarist Karel Rudolf Vlasák and the unique voice of singer Natálie Kuchárová, both of whom attend the conservatory.

Thanks to the scholarship program, Roma students can also take extra-curricular courses and receive private lessons. On the other hand, fellows complement their volunteer service in various organizations, such as drop-in clubs for children and youth.

The scholarship program for high school, vocational high school and Roma students is run by the organization ROMEA with the support of many foundations, among which are the Albatros Foundation, Bader Philanthropies and many individual and corporate donors. The organization of media literacy workshops for scholarship recipients is supported by the OSF Foundation through its Active Citizens Fund, which aims to support civil society and build the capacity of non-profit organizations. lucrative and funded by grants from the EEA and Norway.

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