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Defying Death: Jeff Bezos and Other Big Tech Founders Fund Startups Doing Anti-Aging Research, Trending News

Defying death has been mankind’s greatest wish. Now, several companies backed by big, high-tech founders have joined the hunt for a solution.

Last year, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos began funding Altos Labs, which studies how to reverse the aging process.

Bezos had said last year that he would dedicate time to philanthropic pursuits after stepping down as CEO of the online retail giant. Nobel laureate Shinya Yamanaka is said to have joined Alto Labs as chairman of the scientific advisory board, signaling the company’s intent.

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The company would hire scientists from around the world to work on the anti-aging process. Reports claim drug developer Hal Barron, 59, will step down as chief scientific officer of Glaxosmithkline to become chief executive and co-chairman of Altos Labs.

Altos has offices in Silicon Valley and San Diego, California, including the UK. The company aims to develop technology capable of revitalizing cells in the body affected by aging.

Bezos had also invested in Unity Biotechnology which aimed to produce drugs and treat age-related diseases. The company sought to combat track-opening osteoarthritis in 40 patients.

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According to research, the number of elderly people in the United States by 2035 will be greater than the number of 18-year-olds in the country.

Google founder Larry Page and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have also invested in anti-aging research to slow and delay old age.

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