Edwardsburg Public Schools Turns to Community to Vote for Mileage

EDWARDSBURG, Mi. (WNDU) – Schools in Edwardsburg are preparing to ask the community for help in making more than a dozen changes when they go to the polls on August 2.

If residents vote for the mileage, a bond of more than $59 million will be given to the school district to make more than a dozen improvements.

“We’re voting on a bond, a mile, for schools and it’s the first time in 20 years it’s been done, so it’s a big deal,” Edwardsburg Superintendent Jim Knoll said.

Edwardsburg schools have been in need of repairs for a while now, but the last time residents were asked to vote to approve the mileage, it didn’t pass.

“We hope they realized that the amount of money that goes to schools in Edwardsburg will help sustain the community and that it maintains property values ​​here in the community,” Knoll says.

Knoll tells 16 News Now that the biggest thing the project will do is shore up the campus, creating a K-3 building. Knoll says this, among other improvements, will ensure students have a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn.

“It’s a matter of security, it’s a matter of good climate, air conditioning, it’s a matter of traffic control, we have traffic problems in the neighborhood. It’s about making sure that students have the right environment to work in,” says Knoll.

The mileage will help the district make infrastructure improvements such as new sports fields, air conditioning facilities, new drains, better parking, increased security and more.

However, for taxpayers, an annual increase of 0.0025 will be multiplied by the assessed value of your home.

This means that someone with a home assessed value of $97,420 will now pay an annual increase of $243.55.

That being the case, Superintendent Knoll says he hopes people can understand how necessary all of this is.

“So hopefully people will choose to do it now, because we need it now,” Knoll says.

If the mileage is exceeded, it will take four years for improvements and repairs to be completed. In case it doesn’t happen again, Knoll tells 16 News Now they have a backup plan.

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