Embracer secures founders of Tiburon Entertainment with latest buyout

Embracer Group has just recruited the founders of the legendary sports game mavens from Tiburon Entertainment.

Embracer Group just bought Shiver Entertainment, a 17-person independent studio in Miami, Florida primarily known for creating ports like Mortal Kombat 11 on Switch and other work-for-hire projects. The buyout also includes two of the most influential people in the industry: John Schappert and Jason Andersen, who in 1994 founded Tiburon. If you grew up in the 90s and loved sports games, chances are you are familiar with this name.

Shortly after leaving Visual Concepts, the team behind Madden NFL ’94 and ’95, Schappert and Andersen formed Tiburon. EA took a chance on the studio and gave them NFL ’96 and ’97, and Tiburon managed EA’s legendary sports licenses, including seventeen iterations of the beloved NCAA football series.

EA bought Tiburon in 1998 and went on to release a myriad of non-sports games, including two Superman Returns games, a Sega Saturn version of Soviet Strike, and even a DS version of GoldenEye: Rogue Agent.

Schappert then rose through EA’s ranks and eventually became COO of EA, as well as Zynga, and even had a direct influence on Xbox LIVE at Microsoft (his team launched Netflix on Xbox).

At present, Shiver Entertainment has “Original game projects in preparation for release in the near future” and will be part of the Saber Interactive division. They are also working on another “high level” hire job project.

“I can’t believe I can finally work with Schappert and Andersen – two industry legends based in my hometown of Miami. With this acquisition, we’ve not only brought a great development resource, but we’re adding significantly to the management capabilities of Saber. John and I stand ready to significantly expand our operations in North America “,

–says Matthew Karch, CEO of Saber.

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