First Generation Founders Join Forces to Enrich Access to Education and Careers

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This partnership will create bridges to opportunity and pave the way for success in education and technology.

Our alliance will enrich education, industry and the economy with the results of our AI and machine learning algorithms while bringing more talent into the American workforce.

— Olga Batygin, co-founder and CEO of Lucinetic

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 25, 2022 / — Olga Batygin, co-founder and chief executive officer of Lucinetic Inc., and Gladymir Philippe, co-founder and chief technology officer of kado Inc., are embarking on a partnership to build bridges to opportunity and pave the way for success in education and technology.

Philippe and Olga met at the inaugural Silicon Valley Bank x Floodgate 2021 accelerator program for underrepresented entrepreneurs. As first-generation founders, Olga and Glad immediately connected on the challenges of accessing educational and entrepreneurial opportunities for immigrant and minority applicants. Through the accelerator program and as they built their respective businesses for the next year, Phillipe and Batygin discovered that a partnership between their businesses would be a great way to align their mutual goals. While Lucinetic’s offering enables the exchange of trust through elevated written communication, Kado’s mission is to connect qualified students, initially focusing on immigrant students, to paid work. Together, they are emboldened to create influence. Kado and Lucinetic will align their technologies to manage the next generation while infusing previously overlooked pools of talent into today’s economy.

To reduce graduate underemployment, Phillipe designed a marketplace that would bring real-world experience into the classroom. Kado seeks to bridge the gap between the knowledge students acquire and the skills they can leverage to be attractive candidates as they learn – not much later. They believe that experiential learning can unlock the potential of billions of individuals and can be represented in their skills graph. The future of work and learning will accelerate their mutual transformation and generate opportunities for empowerment that seem alien today. This is the future that these two teams are preparing for.

“The alignment of values ​​between Kado and Lucinetic is extraordinary. We improve access to education and opportunity for all, including first-generation and underrepresented students. Our alliance will enrich education, l industry and the economy with the results of our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms while bringing more talent to the American workforce. The fact that we can have our unique technology working together to support the same goals is exhilarating,” said Olga Batygin, co-founder and CEO of Lucinetic.

Language and collaboration are central to the human experience. Lucinetic co-founders Caltech and Yale developed their patent-pending AI algorithm to underpin their educational workflow tool. In addition to providing a simple and organized experience that helps meet deadlines and reduce stress, Lucinetic supports requesting and creating high recommendation letters using ethically trained AI. The platform intelligently and iteratively enables applicants and writers to collaborate on this trusted exchange to support approximately 200 million academic letters and 6 billion industry letters sent annually in the United States. This gives applicants more agency and transparency, reduces stress, and allows the writer to be the most creative themselves 80-90% faster. This collaborative letter of recommendation process provides the opportunity to co-create more successful letters while freeing up time for teaching, learning, mentoring, and research. With early adopters from MIT, Stanford, Yale, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan, Cornell, High School, Kindergarten, and more, Lucinetic is able to provide free licenses to applicants, enabling better results for everyone involved. For Early Accessvisit

A partnership between Kado and Lucinetic will bridge the gap between education and work opportunities through collaboration between the two platforms.

“From 2020 to 2025, there will be 124 million tech jobs,” says Gladymir Philippe, founder and CEO of Kado. “How can we get students to prepare, to learn these trades? Can they afford to wait four years?

Philippe has been busy building alliances and supporting internship programs as the company fills its waiting list and prepares to launch its app and critical job-matching web platform this fall and early 2023. , respectively. Kado intends to improve the trajectory of young adults who might not otherwise have access to higher-paying tech professions by fostering experiential learning from their first year of college.

Kado’s innovative approach goes beyond their operations and into their financing. They recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder, giving students, recruiters, and anyone helped by Kado’s technology an early investment opportunity in the platform they use. Lucinetic is proud to be a part of Kado’s journey and encourages students, parents, recruiters and businesses to take advantage of this rare opportunity to be early investors in a company and team that already supports them. It only takes a few minutes to be part of Kado’s journey

About Lucinetic
Lucinetic started in 2021 to solve an important personal problem: the recommendation and referral process. The three co-founders: Olga Batygin, Greg Laughlin and Konstantin Batygin, brought together their vast experience in mathematics, predictive analysis, chaos theory, university administration, research, teaching and entrepreneurship and developed a new algorithm to be first to market in creating over 95% accurate and specific AI-enabled long text.

About Kado
Kado started in 2021 to establish a clear link between students and paid work. Two of the co-founders, Gladymir Phillipe and Siya Mali, brought their personal journeys as skilled immigrants and their professional experiences in high-growth startups and large financial services organizations to digitize all skills and bring candidates and businesses closer together. faster, cheaper and with better compatibility than the current status quo.

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