Fort Lupton Volunteers receive a discount on recreation center admission

City committee volunteers won’t have to pay as much to use the Fort Lupton Recreation Center.

At a regular business meeting on June 20, the Fort Lupton City Council approved volunteer discounts by unanimous vote. Volunteers must pay half the price to use the leisure center, they get 20% off a monthly or annual pass to the center (also applies to dependents) and half off game at Coyote Creek Golf Course.

Staff notes said the discounts will work alongside the advisory committee’s guidelines. The reductions begin January 1 after the municipal elections and continue until December 31 after the next regular election.

Staff said the potential loss of golf course fund revenue could total $2,000 per year. The loss of income from the recreation center fund was not available.

More news about the leisure center

The Board also approved site design and construction drawings for the new water park for nearly $100,000. DHM Design’s accepted offer was not the lowest. Goodbee & Associates submitted just $66,000.

“DHM Design was not the lowest bid but was found to be the most qualified and comprehensive for this type of project,” the staff members said.

Staff notes indicate that after the park master plan is completed, the next step is to send the design and construction plans up for auction.

“Once completed, this plan will include all of the documents needed to tender the wading pool, pumps, playgrounds, walkways, shelters and restroom proposals,” staff said.

The general fund of the parks department capital budget contains $400,000. Groundbreaking is scheduled for June 2023.

Clarification “Other meeting”

The council also cleaned up language that relates to so-called “other meetings” in the city charter.

The new wording allows the mayor to consider and potentially approve additional compensation of $75 for other meetings designated by the mayor. Staff notes say the additional pay metric was previously “released” at special meetings with other elected bodies, such as the Weld County Board of Commissioners and the Weld Re-8 School District. Three public elected officials should be present for the salary supplement to come into play.

Conferences and banquets are not included, and meetings of city-appointed advisory committees and boards of directors are part of the council’s regular base salary. The mayor receives $750 per month; the rest of the council receives $500 per month following the last amendment passed in 2013.

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