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Found is officially one year old and we have a brand new look!

To celebrate, we’ve decided to bring back four Founders who made us think, laugh, and have generally followed us since we spoke to them. If we’ve learned anything from a year of talking to founders at all stages and across a multitude of industries, it’s that startups and the people who founded them are constantly evolving. We get to talk to people at a specific point in their journey, but in this episode we get to look back and see how they grew as founders and leaders.

In what Jordan called a “foundational smoothie,” we spoke with Brie Code about TRU-LUV who was on our second episode, Earl Cole from SMART Tire Company who was on the next episode, as well as Aditi Shekar from Zetaand Jelani Memory of A company for children who joined us a few months later. They talk about the shifts in perspective they’ve experienced over the past year, their different approaches to fundraising, and how they stay true to their respective core missions.

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