Founders of startups eligible for a free high-end pitch

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — STORY Pitch Decks has launched its UPRISING Pro-bono program and is now open to eligible majority female founding teams to receive a free Silicon Valley Investor-Quality pitch deck for their startup.

In 2021, just 2% of US venture capital investments went to all-female startups, the lowest rate since 2013. STORY seeks to help change that with the introduction of UPLIFT, a pro-bono pitch deck program aimed at helping social and environmental startups with female founders to obtain a world-class pitch deck. In the coming weeks, STORY Pitch Decks will reward a selected startup with a free pitch deck including content creation, research, strategy, writing, and design.

Below are the eligibility criteria for startups to apply for the program:

  • The founding team is mostly female
  • The mission has a social or environmental vocation
  • The company organizes a pre-seeding, seeding or series A round
  • The language in which the game will be written is in English
  • The company lacks financial resources
  • Must have a healthy work culture and working methods

If the above criteria are met, STORY invites startups to apply for the UPLIFT program.

Selection of this year’s recipient is at the sole discretion of STORY Pitch Decks; the pitch deck project will take place the weeks of August 22-29, 2022 and will be completed by September 1, 2022. Recipients will first be contacted by email to agree and will then be announced on the STORY Pitch Deck’s Blog and social media accounts on August 15, 2022.

Pitch Decks HISTORY is founded and led by Keane Angle, a multi-award winning, Fortune 500 creative ad strategist turned pitch deck pro. STORY has built over 100 pitch decks and raised over $130 million for startups around the world at a rate 40 times the industry average. As a mostly female team itself, STORY wants to help do its part to raise awareness of the gender gap in funding for female-led teams. Along with the UPLIFT program, starting today, STORY will offer a 10% discount on all services to startups with at least one female founder and a 15% discount to startups with an all-female founding team.

“The gender gap in the startup world today is gargantuan. In 2021, 98.8% of all jobs in America were more gender-diverse than how venture capitalists allocate their investments. “, said Angle, CEO and Founder of STORY Pitch Decks. “STORY hopes to raise awareness, raise awareness of this issue and do our part to try to tip the scales. In the years to come, we will expand the program in an effort to support women in technology and women’s entrepreneurship.

Applications for the UPLIFT Pro-bono program are now open from June 30 to August 1, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. EST. For more information, please visit

To apply, please visit

About Keane Angle, Founder of STORY Pitch Decks:

Keane Angle is a multi-award winning, Fortune 500 creative strategist turned pitch deck pro. Since founding STORY Pitch Decks in 2020, Keane and his team have helped raise over $130 million for startups by creating Silicon Valley-level pitch decks that win the hearts and minds of investors. Driven by a passion to help entrepreneurs succeed in a world filled with cluttered communications, Keane balances data and creativity to help his clients tell powerful stories that drive results. With a highly collaborative two-week process that includes strategy, research, writing, and design, STORY has built over 100 pitches for high-growth and early-stage startups around the world. STORY customers are growing at a rate 40 times the industry average. Please visit to learn more about Keane Angle.


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