Fusion Fund announces Fusion Fund III to support early-stage technical founders

Lu ZhangFounder and Managing Partner, leads her team in closing $120 million in Fusion Fund III to invest in deep tech founders leveraging technology and data to build transformational companies in healthcare, enterprise AI and industrial automation.

PALO ALTO, Calif., August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With $120 million in committed capital, Merger funds announced the closing of Fusion Fund III. The funds will be used to support data-driven tech founders aiming to build transformative and sustainable businesses in healthcare, enterprise AI, and industrial automation. Fusion Fund supports start-up entrepreneurs building forward-thinking businesses with technical and data advantages in their business models, with companies like Otter.ai, Mojo Vision, Mission Biography, EdgeQand Macrometa in its growing portfolio.

“I think the best way to help tech-driven founders is to have been through that journey and have hands-on experience working in those specific industries,” says Lu Zhangfounder and managing partner of Fusion Fund.

As an immigrant woman, Zhang understands the specific challenges that many entrepreneurs face in technical industries. Fusion Fund was founded in 2015 after Zhang successfully sold his own medical technology company that used thin-film sensors for highly sensitive diabetes detection. After building a successful angel investment portfolio with several major M&A exits and IPOs, she launched the Fusion Fund to continue supporting tech founders, many of whom are of immigrant and diverse backgrounds. horizons.

Since then, Zhang has built a comprehensive and impactful team of former technical entrepreneurs, operators, executives and investors, including: Homan Yuenpartner; Shane’s wallpresident of CXO Network and investment partner; Trevor Mottl, venture capital partner; and Ivneet Bhullar, director.

As a former CTO of Hewlett Packard, a member of the White House National Science and Technology Council, and a founding member of Intel Capital, Wall brings strong corporate, technical, and operational experience to the Fusion Fund’s portfolio. . Mottl has been a leader in the institutional finance industry for more than 20 years, and his extensive experience in bringing innovative technologies to large enterprises provides valuable portfolio insights. Bhullar was previously senior director of Amgen’s Digital Health & Innovation group, leading key strategy and B&D efforts. With an MBA from Harvard Business School and biomedical engineering degrees from UCLA and UCSD, he brings extensive operational and technical experience in health care. Together, the Fusion Fund team continues to support entrepreneurs with their vast knowledge, expertise and network.

“While the financial and political situation around the world has brought uncertainty to the market, the Fusion Fund team believes that truly fundamental and transformative businesses are constantly being created,” says Zhang. “We believe this is even more true in times of extreme volatility and disruption. We continue to identify, invest in and support strong entrepreneurial talent who seek to use technology to make the world a better place.”

You can learn more about Fusion Fund III and by Lu Zhang ongoing commitment to the development of deep technologies and healthcare here.

About the Fusion Fund:
Fusion Fund is a venture capital company Palo Alto, California., which focuses on supporting start-up entrepreneurs in building forward-thinking companies with technical and data advantages in their business models. Fusion Fund supports companies in the Industrial, Enterprise and Healthcare applications sectors with a diverse team of partners and real-world experience.

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