Good Dye Young Twitter controversy explained as founders apologize

The popular hair product brand Good Dye Young recently posted a lengthy apology on Twitter. Let’s take a look at the controversy behind the tweets.

The brand is founded by Paramore Hayley Williams pianist and his partner Brian O’Conner.

Good Dye Young hair products, especially hair dyes, have been all the rage among Paramore fans for some time now. However, the recent controversy on Twitter has become a major setback for the company.

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Good Dye Young’s Twitter Controversy Explained

Some tweets reveal that the controversy is linked to one of the brand’s employees.

The company explained what happened in a Twitter feed writes: “A few days ago, one of our team members made a joke from a personal account on the Brazilian fanbase Paramore regarding the deactivation of GDY’s IG account.”

They went on to say that the “statement was intended as a joke, but rather unintentionally hurt the feelings of many people.”

The person in question has been identified by Twitter users as Becca Sievers, from Nashville, Tennessee, who is the marketing manager for Good Dye Young.

A die tweets explaining the Good Dye Young controversy reveals that it would have started with Becca’s tweet which read: “Now which of the Brazilian stans of Paramore has hacked and deleted GDY’s Instagram.”

Becca’s tweet and social media account appear to have been deleted now. However, many Brazilian fans felt disrespected by the tweet.

Revealing why the employee had become inactive on social media, Good Dye Young wrote: “The apology as well as the team member’s personal account were both taken offline for safety and security reasons after receiving death threats and other disturbing responses.”

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Founders apologize in tweets

Hayley and Brian, who are the founders of Good Dye Young, returned to social media nearly two weeks after the drama was stirred.

Speaking to their fans via tweets, the founders addressed the situation. They claimed that “The time that has passed has been filled with reality checks and red flags that the team and we, the founders, know are essential to the mission of our brand.”

They explained how their fans and their community “felt the opposite of being included and highly valued”.

Responding to Brazilian fans whose feelings had been hurt, Hayley also said: “I know you probably felt indifferent or invisible in this case and for that I am so sorry.”

Long apologies see founders discuss changes they were doing to improve the work culture of their company and establish principles for its employees.

Fans react to the drama

Fans have had a lot to say about the drama over the past few weeks. Here are some notable reactions.

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