group seeks to raise funds and recruit volunteers to lay wreaths in honor of veterans | Rockingham now

The organization and the community still viewed the event as a huge success, especially with the challenges of a pandemic, she noted.

This year the chapter begins early, hoping to raise enough funds to purchase more wreaths as they add Woodland, Riverview, Madison Presbyterian, Collins and Citizen cemeteries to Madison and God’s Acre to Mayodan.

The number this year is “gigantic,” Johnson noted, adding that they plan to lay wreaths on 410 more veterans’ graves, requiring a total of 760 wreaths. At a cost of $ 15 per crown, the DAR hopes to raise $ 11,400 to finance the project.

People whose veterans are buried in one of the eight cemeteries are encouraged to donate to help cover costs, Johnson said. Businesses, churches and civic organizations can also get involved, possibly considering sponsoring all wreaths for a particular cemetery, Johnson said. They can also choose where and how much they want to sponsor.

DAR members are also recruiting volunteers to lay wreaths on graves, she said. This ceremony will take place on December 18.

Last year, a number of people sponsoring a wreath for a family member requested to lay the wreath at the graves of their loved ones, Johnson said.

Several grandchildren attended the opening ceremony, which allowed them to lay a wreath while learning more about this person’s contribution to his country.

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