Hooves, Hearts & Hope horse rescue, equine therapy needs help

The need comes after the sudden passing of Hooves, Hearts and Hope founder Dr Linda Leech.

SWANSEA, SC – In the pastures of Swansea, South Carolina, there are about 15 horses on a rescue farm in need of love and food.

This is after the founder of Hooves, hearts and hope, an equine therapy program that helped children in Lexington County with special needs, died suddenly.

It is now up to the three volunteers involved to hold the hay.

“It was very traumatic for everyone involved. Not just our families, but many families who have had their children in his program over the years have really struggled,” said volunteer Sheely Ivey. “They called us and said we missed the horses. Several families brought their children to see the horses. They have special attachments to horses.”

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Volunteers say they couldn’t abandon these animals.

“As an adoptive mother and adoptive mother for 28 years now, my heart has always been for orphaned children, children who need a mother and a father. Well, when Dr Linda passed away, she left all those horses and I considered them orphan horses,” Ivey mentioned.

So far they are getting by by selling a horse trailer, boarding horse fees, and a farm-sponsored horse, but the rest comes out of their wallets.

“There are a lot of needs involved,” Ivey said. “Horses need to be fed every day, they need hay, they need to have the farrier come in and have their feet groomed every six weeks, they need to be wormed.”

The group needs several volunteers, funds to build a new backyard pasture shelter, help writing grants for their 501(c)(3), and donations like hay, grain, and blankets.

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“It’s hard because we all also have jobs and kids, so having extra help would allow us to do it much faster,” said volunteer Danielle Fowlston.

These three volunteers are following the dream of the founder, Dr. Linda Leech, to turn this equine therapy program into a refuge and refuge for horses.

The volunteers have seven horses that can be sponsored. For now, their oldest horse, Paco, who is 34, is the only sponsored horse.

Hooves, Hearts & Hope hopes to help more horses in the future if possible, but for now they are hoping for greener pastures in their future.

If you would like to volunteer or help with a donation, you can contact their Facebook page here.

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