‘Know Underground’ March at Deschutes Public Library

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Beneath the surface of the earth is a whole world teeming with activity. Join the Deschutes Public Library to experience new depths during “Know Underground” in March.

Dive into everything you ever wanted to know about local soil health and learn the secrets of 18and-century catacombs. Discuss the reality of mortality with a knowledgeable end-of-life doula and learn about the fascinating symbiotic relationship between plants and fungi. Examine the Underground Railroad through a new lens and learn about the animal species that inhabit the burrows below.

All programs are free and open to the public. Wearing a face mask is mandatory at all library programs and events while Oregon State masking requirements are in place. Programs marked with an asterisk

require registration.

The Underground Railroad as Afrofuturism*

Examine the Underground Railroad from a new perspective. In this lecture, dann j. Broyld will address the intersections of race, technology and liberation by retroactively applying a modern concept to dynamic historical moments.

The meteorological metro*

In the 1970s, The Weather Underground carried out more than 25 bombings across the United States to protest the war in Vietnam and racist police violence at home. Historian Daniel S. Chard explores how the FBI’s war with The Weather Underground led to the development of American counterterrorism practices.

Burrowing Birds*

Take a tour of the state’s burrowing birds and their habitats, from the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge to riverbanks and the high desert. Presenter Marina Richie will also share personal stories from her sightings.


Environmental Center Soil Health Presentation*

Get hands-on and learn more about soil health from local experts. Discuss the four principles of creating and maintaining healthy soil while collecting practical ways to improve biodiversity in your garden. Registration required.

Buried in Plain Sight: Mental Illness in Oregon*

Recognize the history of how mental illness is treated in Oregon and how these systems have often led to the isolation and marginalization of this vulnerable population. Dr. Wil Berry, Medical Director of Deschutes County Behavioral Health, will moderate the presentation.

The Origins of the Catacombs of Paris*

To deal with a growing architectural problem and overflowing cemeteries, King Luis XVI solved one problem with another. Professor Thomas M. Luckett discusses the creation of the Paris Catacombs in pre-revolutionary France.

Gorgeous mycelium with perfect mushrooms*

Mushrooms and plants have been allies for millions of years. Learn about their fascinating symbiotic relationship, including how to garden and enrich green landscapes with mushrooms.

Leaning In: Facing the Reality of Mortality

Unlock the keys and find out what it means to “lean” on your own death. Join Cheryl Adcox, Registered Nurse, experienced Death Café facilitator, and end-of-life doula who has been serving Bend since 2018.

Death Coffee*

Not a bereavement support group, it’s neither more nor less than a friendly group discussing death. Free from agenda or ideology, the goal is to increase awareness of death to help people get the most out of their (finished) lives.

Registration required. 16 years and over.

For more information on these programs, please visit the library’s website at www.deschuteslibrary.org. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations (alternative formats or auxiliary aids) should contact Liz Goodrich at [email protected] or 541-312-1032.

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