KOOL for Men Co-Founders: Consumers Want Sustainable Brands

KOOL for Men is an engaged and socially responsible brand, something many consumers want to see in the products they buy.

“Supporting sustainability and social responsibility are core values ​​at Kool for Men,” said Todd Hewitt, director and co-founder of KOOL for Men. “We support our communities and respect the environment.”

Hewitt said KOOL for Men uses suppliers who practice sustainable manufacturing practices.

“We want to heal the environment just like KOOL for Men Nutrition Patches help men live a better life,” he said. “KOOL for Men is committed to following sustainable practices. We do not use animals to test our products.

“Not only are we cruelty-free, but our products are also free of gluten, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, petroleum byproducts, or synthetic flavors and fragrances,” Hewitt added.

Carlos Calvo Rodriguez, director and co-founder of the company, said KOOL for Men also gives back to the community.

“We support the GO Campaign helping children around the world,” said Calvo Rodriguez. “GO Campaign provides children around the world with access to education, medical care, shelter, food, clean water and ‘enrichment.

GO Campaign serves 37 countries and has funded 517 projects, helping the lives of nearly 200,000 children.

“KOOL for Men is proud to support a charity that helps children around the world,” said Hewitt and Calvo Rodriguez.

KOOL for Men recently met with buyers from large and small retail chains in the United States at a ECRM event in March.

“We introduced retail buyers to our hassle-free nutritional patches,” they said. “We developed patches to provide energy, joint mobility, relaxation, male stamina and immune support. Our CBD patch offers round-the-clock help for people who want to relax, reduce inflammation, relieve chronic pain, and improve sleep.

Hewitt and Calvo Rodriguez said KOOL for Men Nutrition Patches deliver nutrients directly through your skin.

“All you do is peel and place the patch on your body,” they said. “They’re hassle-free because you don’t need bottles, pills, or containers. You don’t need water either.

For more information or to purchase KOOL for Men products, visit Amazon or KOOLformen.com.

About KOOL for Men

As a modern, active, intentional man, KOOL for Men knows that you are constantly striving to live your best life. Whether personally or professionally, your mission is to have a positive impact on the world around you and on yourself. Your goal is to look better, feel better, perform better, do better, and live better. We’re here to help with our innovative range of clean and effective products specially designed for you.

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