Lakewood City Schools seeks public input for three-year strategic plan

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — Lakewood City Schools is in the very early stages of developing a three-year strategic plan.

The first step in this process is to gather feedback from the community. The Impact Group is currently gathering information from staff members, board members, district families, students and residents.

“It is so important to develop this vision of a Lakewood graduate with all of our stakeholders involved,” said Lakewood City Schools Superintendent Maggie Niedzwiecki.

“February is stakeholder engagement month for us. What we are sending out is a survey of staff and the community to help them also contribute their thoughts and ideas on how to continue to develop the vision of a Lakewood graduate.

In addition, the development of the three-year strategic plan reveals that parents had the opportunity to participate in virtual or in-person focus groups and/or complete a survey.

“We also have a group of students coming together to work on the same activity so we can have student voice as part of our strategic plan,” Niedzwiecki said. “

Lakewood’s Vision of a Graduate initiative has six key competencies: critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication, empathy, global awareness, and growth mindset.

“We continued to build on the different program activities or lessons in our curriculum to help support those skills,” Niedzwiecki said. “This year we also began working on a Lakewood Educator’s Vision. What does it mean as an educator to be a critical and creative thinker, collaborator and communicator?

“Now is the time to work with our staff, community, parents and students to give us some thoughts and ideas about activities, programs and offerings they would like to see to improve our program.

The goal of the current initiative is to put in place an actionable and measurable plan to begin the 2022-2023 school year.

“By June, we should have a document in place that will help illustrate our roadmap to build on our vision for the next year to three,” Niedzwiecki said.

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