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Submitted by Walter Neary for Historic Fort Steilacoom.

Picture by Hans of Pixabay.

The volunteers of the Historic Fort Steilacoom Association are dedicated to preserving some of the oldest buildings still standing in Washington. The image shows what we fear the most: fire.

Ed Selden carpet one

Please help us. The association is looking for one or more volunteers who can help our four buildings to survive another 165 years. If you know this person, or if you are this person, we hope you will contact us.

Here’s the deal: We’re looking for someone with specific expertise in fire and burglary alarm systems.

Here’s the background: our four buildings are one of the oldest standing ensembles of buildings in Washington State. These buildings are owned by the State of Washington on the grounds of Western State Hospital.

Our owner, the Washington State Department of Health and Social Services, commissioned our all-volunteer nonprofit group to arrange inspection and maintenance of state-owned alarm systems. None of our current volunteers have expertise in alarm systems. We need someone who can work with DSHS supplier E Squared Systems LLC and West Pierce Fire & Rescue. This therefore requires someone who has first-hand knowledge of how these systems work.

Brink & Sadler

If you know someone who might fit this, please let them know about this plea. We know there are people who love old buildings, history and heritage. Are you that person? Please contact here.

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