LEADALEAP Founders Empower Children to Fight Preventable Mosquito-Related Diseases

Parenting Support Service Providers, LEADALEAP, Launch Mosbugroaches, a Children’s Book to Teach Ways to Prevent COVID-19 and Other Illnesses

Mosbugroaches is the latest project from Paul and Rebecca Jeremiah, the founders of LEADALEAP, a start-up that provides parenting support services to K-12 institutions and refined family education. The initiative is a storybook written to give children around the world important tips for preventing COVID-19 and other illnesses.

“Mosbugroaches” gives children the power and the resources they need to defeat preventable diseases. We put children at the center as actors and stakeholders in the fight against communicable and viral diseases.

The devastating coronavirus pandemic and the emergence of other communicable diseases have highlighted the importance of adopting a lifestyle that promotes health and hygiene. Unfortunately, many of the resources available are aimed at adults with very little attention to the little ones, leading to the deaths of millions of children around the world. However, Paul and Rebecca Jeremiah seek to change this narrative by creating Mosquitoes.

Mosbugroaches teaches readers vital health tips in a fun and relevant way from the mouth of Doctor Chinyelu. Chinyelu has always wanted to be a doctor and she plays “in the clinic” with her toys most of the time in the book, caring for her patients, while giving them health advice crucial to their overall well-being.

The name Mosbugroaches is derived from the combination of mosquitoes, bedbugs, and cockroaches. The storybook comes in 2 cover editions, featuring exciting and fun activities at the end of each chapter to help readers practice what they have learned.

In addition to being one of the first to obtain the book, the sponsors of the Kickstarter fundraising campaign also get related products and awareness kits including a stainless steel travel mug, hoodie, drawstring bag, lightweight aluminum bookmark and a host of others. It is also part of the “Stop” initiative to say no to germs, disease, Lassa fever, malaria and covid.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wgi2m07r98

For more information on Mosbugroaches and other similar projects, visit – www.mosbugroaches.com and Youtube.

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