LinkedIn Co-Founder Explains Musk, Trump Beef: Real Life Success Vs. Fake TV Version

Entrepreneur and investor Reid Hoffman take from Twitter Inc. TWTR defend Tesla Inc. TSLA CEO Elon Musk and call the old President Donald Trump.

What happened: Hoffman, who is the co-founder of LinkedIn, calls Elon Musk’s story “a classic immigrant story” of building multiple businesses and being a leader in innovation.

“An entrepreneur with a real track record of success. Started the electric vehicle revolution with Tesla, resurrected the American rocket industry with SpaceX, fighting climate change while promoting American innovation,” Hoffman said of Musk.

Asset recently participated in Truth Sociala social media platform that is part of Trump Media & Technology Group, to criticize Musk and his abandonment of the Twitter acquisition. Trump Media & Technology Group is in the process of merging with Digital World Acquisition Company DWAC.

Hoffman called out Trump in a recent article and his chess past.

“Trump, OTOH (on the other hand), is a spoiled rich kid who bankrupts everything he touches. Including the American economy. The highlight of his career has been pretending to be an entrepreneur hit on a TV show, instead of being one in real life like Elon.

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Why it matters: Hoffman went on to say that he supports entrepreneurs and investors working to build a better future for America and the world, like Musk.

“Trump is a sore loser so stuck in the past that he’d rather spread lies, incite insurrection, and harm American democracy than admit he lost a fair election,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman said Trump was an excellent con man and a reference profiting from running money-losing casinos.

The LinkedIn co-founder goes on to also criticize Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, where he now resides after being banned from other platforms.

“And FWIW: Truth Social is another massive failure.”

Hoffman is a partner of Greylock Partners and sits on the board of directors of Microsoft Corporation MSFTthe company that acquired LinkedIn.

Hoffman’s comments show a top entrepreneur backing another innovator and brushing aside the harsh criticism leveled by Trump against Musk.

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