Local volunteers raise over $124,000 in 25 days for young entrepreneurs

Leadership group Ascension Leadership Academy raised funds and provided a van to support the non-profit Start-Up Kid’s Club

AUSTIN, TX, July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A group of twenty-six volunteers, who met only two months ago by Ascension Leadership Academy, completed a record-breaking community service project in just 25 days. They raised more $124,950 – exceed its initial objective of $117,000 – provided a van and organized a successful outreach event for Start-up Kid’s Cluba non-profit organization that provides tools for children to excel in their entrepreneurial, problem-solving and teamwork skills.

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“Through our leadership program, we have learned to push ourselves far beyond what we thought was possible,” said Stephen Stearman, captain of community services at Ascension Leadership Academy. “We wanted to have a massive impact and agreed that children in our local community are the best place to do that.”

During the campaign, volunteers:

  • Surprised the nonprofit with a 15-passenger van worth $7,656. The van was donated by Steve Sandweiss by Blue Ribbon Kids LLC.
  • Fund raising $124,950 unrestricted funds for the Start-Up Kid’s Club
  • Organizing a fundraising event Intellectual Intellectual on July 21 with a total of over 100 participants, which raised more than $5,000.

About the Start-Up Kid’s Club

The Start-Up Kid’s Club strives to create opportunity in students of all ages by giving them a voice and space to be creative, have their own passions and become leaders. We are on a mission to teach future generations to become resilient, self-reliant and independent so that they don’t just survive, but thrive and change the world. We believe that experience is the most powerful tool our children need, and by teaching practical entrepreneurship we can empower them to break cycles of poverty, learn essential life skills and to help them make a connection between the classroom and the real world.

About Ascension Leadership Academy

Ascension Leadership Academy (ALA) is an emotional intelligence leadership academy that allows you to interact and free yourself from your own mental cages and emotional traps. Our graduates are movement leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and people with bold dreams. We work to instill responsible leadership and inspire intentional action. The Ascension Leadership Academy is designed for people committed to uplifting their lives, families, communities, and the world.

SOURCE Ascension Leadership Academy

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