Meet Black Girl in CLE Founder Shana Black

We take a look at how this growing media brand is fostering a love of life here in Northeast Ohio.

CLEVELAND— Black girl in the CLE is a media brand that helps black women find events and community here in Northeast Ohio. Founder Shana Black says the inspiration behind the brand came from her own experience struggling to find things to do around town.

“I had a lot of friends who hated Cleveland [and saying things like] “I want to move to Atlanta, I want to do all these things,” she recalled. .”

Black says that even though she was stuck in a rut at home, she began to realize that Cleveland was becoming a popular vacation destination and decided it was time to explore what her city really had to offer.

“That’s really how it started,” she told Us. “‘Let’s just go to a few places, talk to people, and maybe we’ll all start re-engaging in the city.'”

Black says her writing team hopes other women will see the events they cover and want to take part.

“We try to get people to experience it with us in a safe space,” she explained. “A lot of experiments we do, we’ve heard from people [who] say, “I wanted to try this, but I had no one to try with” or “I wanted to go to this place, but…” It was “Well, let’s try together, so this way you can feel comfortable. “”

With many new events and annual traditions to mark the calendar each year, Black says she has a few personal favorites.

“Some of the favorites I’m looking forward to are Playhouse Square’s Jump Back Ball,” she said. “It was another one of those experiences that I realized a lot of people don’t know about. The Solstice at the History Center and, of course, the induction at Rock Hall.”

Black covered this year’s ceremony held in Cleveland and says she had such a great time, she’s hooked.

“So whenever it’s in Cleveland, I go there,” she said.

Now that her brand is successfully launched – with a blog, popular social media pagesand even a podcast “Black says his mission will only grow.

“There are young people growing up in this space who still need Black Girl,” she said, “and so to make the voices work and keep producing content [is important].”

In recent years, his team has expanded coverage beyond events to topics like politics that impact his readers. Black intentionally seeks to hire writers with diverse backgrounds and experiences to expand its reach and hopes to continue to encourage people to love life here in Northeast Ohio.

“I’m grateful for Black Girl Cleveland,” she said. “He’s my gift to Cleveland and he’ll stay here and grow.”

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