Mesquite Volunteers Nominated for Points of Light Award

Sharon and Shelton Wakefield are pictured here volunteering at an MSG event. Both were nominated for the 2022 Governor’s Points of Light Awards for their volunteer work for MSG and other settings.

The Mesquite Senior Games and several of its volunteers received nominations for the 2022 Governor’s Points of Light Awards.

The nonprofit organization itself received a nomination in the category “nonprofit and community organization volunteer program”.

In addition, three other local residents were named for their volunteer work in the community and with the MSG organization. These include Beth Ann Caplinger and Shelton and Sharon Wakefield.
Mesquite Senior Games is a worthy candidate as an organization. So far this year, nearly 100 volunteers have contributed over 2,500 hours, all committed to supporting the health and fitness of anyone 50 and over.

MSG’s mission is to strengthen and nurture the body, fortify the mind and bring increased social well-being to all ages. This mission is supported almost entirely by dedicated volunteers. Working tirelessly to achieve these goals, these valued team members do everything from organizing events, judging contests, administrative tasks such as web design, database management and graphic arts .

Beth Caplinger was nominated in the Volunteer Manager category.

MSG leads the way in senior health and exemplary volunteer service and performance,” said Amy Bradshaw, who recently stepped down as Director of MSG. Bradshaw agreed to stay on as acting manager until a replacement could be made.

In the Volunteer Manager category, Beth Ann Caplinger was nominated for her many volunteer assignments, including volunteer coordinator for MSG, Virgin Valley Little League and RAISE Mesquite. Caplinger sits on the boards of all three nonprofits.

“Caplinger’s volunteer work has a huge impact on the community,” Bradshaw said. “Among these three organizations, there are very few that have not been touched by his volunteerism. She instills the same spirit of generosity in the volunteers she manages. Beth’s hard work and generous spirit continue to make this community better every day.

Shelton and Sharon Wakefield were each nominated in the individual volunteer category. Both volunteered in their community for decades before moving to Mesquite about eight years ago. Since then, the Wakefields have devoted many hours to improving Mesquite.

Sharon has volunteered as a dance teacher. She also makes and donates quilts for the Quilts for Kids organization.
Shelton joined the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra and participated in community theater productions.

Together, the couple have volunteered as judges for Help Patriotism Prevail essay contests, helped run concession stands for senior softball and youth sports, and donated countless hours to MSG.
“They are better known as Chef Shelton and Sous Chef Sharon for the many lunches they cook for senior athletes and volunteers,” Bradshaw said. “Every town should be so lucky to have generous volunteers like Sharon and Shelton Wakefield.”

The Governor’s Points of Light Awards program began 20 years ago to celebrate and honor individuals and organizations that demonstrate extraordinary volunteer service.

The Governor’s Points of Light Awards 20th Anniversary event will take place on Thursday, October 20 at the Blind Center of Nevada in Las Vegas.

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