Microsoft launches Founders Hub in Africa to support 10,000 startups

Microsoft is bringing the Startups Founders Hub to startups in Africa through new initiatives from the Africa Transformation Office. The Founders Hub attempts to remove the traditional barriers that startups face when building a business. African startups will be able to access free technology, coaching and support to take their next step.

the self-service center, Microsoft Notes, will provide startups with a wide range of resources. This includes access to mentors, skills content, tools like Microsoft Azure and GitHub, and sales and marketing support.

The Founders Hub also includes opportunities for startups to sell to Microsoft businesses and enterprise customers. Helping with some of the early challenges startups face when it comes to finding customers. Microsoft will also support startups in geo-expansion activities, where startups can expand by selling into new countries or regions.

The Founders Hub enables Microsoft to engage with accelerators, incubators and technology hubs across the continentsays Gerald Maithya, Head of Startups, Microsoft Africa Transformation Office.

Our partnerships with key African accelerators provide crucial support to accelerate growth-stage startups in their business development and market expansion plans.

Gerald Maithya

This is part of Microsoft’s new initiatives under the Africa Transformation Office to accelerate the growth of 10,000 African startups and accelerate investments in the African startup ecosystem over the next five years. Including the announcement of $500 million in investment funding to enable startups to grow rapidly. And new partnerships with accelerators and incubators to provide startups with access to markets, technical skills and funding.

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