Milestone Co-Founder Asks To Join DC’s Milestone Initiative

Previously announced at the DC FanDome, the Talent Recruitment Program is designed to recognize various creators aspiring to work in the comic book industry.

One of Milestone Media’s co-founders, Michael Davis, applied to join DC Comics’ Milestone initiative. Previously announced at the DC FanDome, the Talent Recruitment Program is designed to recognize various creators aspiring to work in the comic book industry.

Throughout the 90s, Milestone Media was a powerhouse in the comic book industry, led by creators telling original stories from diverse perspectives that are not often highlighted by the medium. Working alongside the late great Dwayne McDuffie, Robert Washington III, Derek T. Dingle and Denys Cowan, writer / artist Michael Davis was instrumental in the creation of Static and the rest of the Dakotaverse. Although decades have passed since Icon, Material, Blood Syndicate, and other titles were first released, the team’s legacy continued to impact the comics. Coinciding with the rebooted Milestone titles last year, DC Comics and Milestone recently announced the Milestone Initiative, a program designed to find young creators from diverse backgrounds and provide them with the opportunity to learn about the comic book industry.

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With the new Milestone initiative, Michael Davis saw an opportunity to gain some recognition for what he could offer DC Comics and the industry in general. Whereas Davis was instrumental in the creation of Milestone’s most popular hero, even incorporating aspects of his youth into The Static AKA Life of Virgil Hawkins, he is a slightly overqualified competitor. Davis’s ironic submission to the Milestone Initiative was accompanied by a Tweeter in which he wrote about his admiration for the program, saying, “The Milestone Initiative mentorship program is not going to be a game-changer, culture change is more like it. Yes it will be a portal to greatness, but more importantly, a place where community, history, and purpose can thrive. Well done @reghud @DenysCowan @DCComics ”

Based on subsequent tweets, it appears his co-founder Denys Cowan contacted Davis a week before the announcement, but he declined to join the program. Yet fans of Original milestone from the 90s would love to see one of the main co-founders return in any capacity. It’s possible that Davis may have branched out into new ventures, but with the abundance of Milestone projects going on, he could easily contribute in a number of ways. However, the lasting cultural resonance of the Dakotaverse already contains Davis’s imprint.

Looking to the future of Milestone and the comic book industry at large, Davis seems to be hoping from his tweet that various creators will find deserved recognition. While the original Milestone Media iteration may be in the past, there is a lot to look forward to for audiences. As the Milestone initiative is poised to uncover new talent and train storytellers, there is a lot of credit to be given to them as they continue the work that Davis, McDuffie, Cowan and others have started.

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