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MARK MARONEY / Sun-Gazette Muncy Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellow Award recipients gathered at the club’s Foundation recognition dinner at the First United Methodist Church of Muncy. November is considered Foundation Month in Rotary and celebrates the sharing of Harris Fellow awards. Harris was the founder of the first service organization, Rotary, in 1905. Over the years of growth, a foundation has been created to do good in the world. He began with an initial contribution of $ 26.50 in 1917. It continued to grow through contributions and in 1947, upon Harris’ death, $ 1.3 million was donated in his memory by Rotarians. In 1957, the recognition of contributions was launched and he was named the Paul Harris Fellow Award. The Foundation’s first form of donor recognition was to express appreciation for eligible contributions of $ 1,000. Later, additional recognition levels were created. Donors can also name someone else as Paul Harris Fellow by making a donation in his honor. In 2006, the number of Paul Harris Fellows reached 1 million. In addition, the Muncy Rotary Club is only one of three clubs in our Rotary District of 65 to have the distinction of being a 100% Paul Harris Fellow club and has continued to maintain that status since taking over. received this honor in 2018.

The Muncy Rotary Club recently celebrated the lives of young and old as its members change and improve across the country and internationally.

“The Rotary Foundation belongs to each of us”, said Kelly Wike, guest Rotarian and speaker for the evening.

The dollar donation from Rotary Club members saves and changes lives, she said. He helps by continuing a tradition and commitment to doing good in the world – such as helping to eradicate polio, providing financial aid and payment for surgeries and operations to restore limbs and repair hearts and those who restore sight. blind people and people with low vision.

Locally, the Rotary Club has helped in its garden give a boost to talented young people by providing more than $ 5,000 to purchase musical instruments for students in the Muncy school district.

Juliana Mingle, president of the Muncy Rotary Club, introduced the various guests for the evening. It was a night of celebration to honor Rotarians and non-Rotarians.

Among those people was Wike, who cried emotionally as she described how after several trips to India she was able to give polio vaccine drops to children.

Rotary made a commitment to eradicate polio in 1980 and in 1985 the Polio Plus program was developed.

Today, the Gates Foundation matches every dollar donated on an individual basis for such vaccination.

Rotarian Vicki Zimmerman explained how individual club members become Paul Harris Fellows and how they get different types of pins.

Dick Langer’s son spoke lovingly of his father’s nearly 40-year commitment to supporting local projects and those around the world and was a proud contributor to The Rotary Foundation.

Robert KH Mertz once said that what Rotary does is work miracles. He spoke of the experience of one of these miracles when he met a woman from Peru who was born into poverty and was orphaned in her youth.

Tragically, while she was at the orphanage, a fire occurred that burned the crib she was in and she lost both of her legs.

The girl also had a challenge with her heart that was not working properly.

But thanks to donations from Rotary, the woman told Mertz she had artificial limbs and was able, with the help of another charity, to have her heart operated on, Mertz said.

“She thinks it’s a miracle”, Mertz said, to the delight of those who listened to dinner.

Other Rotarians received their Paul Harris Awards at the banquet, as pictured. They are great donors for the needs of their community, including the popular Corvette Show on Main Street.

While the Muncy Rotary Club is relatively small in membership, it remains one of the top three Rotary Foundation clubs in terms of donations based on number per club capital compared to more populous clubs.

The District 7360 Muncy Rotary Club meets on the second, third and fourth Wednesdays at Orlando’s Restaurant at 5:30 pm The club supports many large and small student and community projects as well as international efforts.

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