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PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Madison County Zoning Appeal Board will hold a public hearing at the Madison County Administrative Auditorium, located at 414 N. Main Street, in the City of Madison on Tuesday the 19th October 2021 at 7:00 a.m. pm to respond to the following exemption requests: 1. James and Nana Ward are requesting an exemption to subdivide an existing R1 (limited residential) zoned parcel of five (5) acres. The submitted Family Subdivision Plan / Survey creates a “new” parcel of three (3) acres, and the remaining parcel would be two (2) acres. In Zoning District R1, the minimum lot area required is one and a half (1.5) acres. The parcel in question is located on a private lane known as “Luther Lane”; and this private driveway serves more than four (4) plots / lots. Article 4-8-3 of the Country Subdivision Ordinance specifies that “a private road will serve at most four (4) lots which take the said private road to access a public road or an old departmental road”. The applicants request an exemption from article 4-8-3 of the subdivision ordinance. The parcel in question is identified on Madison County tax cards as 48-32G, and the existing housing on the parcel has a mailing address of 170 Luther Lane, Madison, Viriginia. 2. Valerie M. Hall is requesting an exemption from section 4-4-1 (setback by-law) of the county zoning ordinance to construct a single-family home to be located approximately 62 feet from the center line of a street; instead of 100 feet from the center of the street as required by section 4-4-1 of the county zoning ordinance. This exemption request is due to the location of the septic treatment field which requires that the proposed dwelling encroaches on the front setback. The parcel in question is zoned A1 (agriculture) and is located on Main Uno Baptist Church Lane, Rochelle, Virginia. The parcel is identified on Madison County tax maps as 64-51. 3. Edward R. Williams requests an exemption from article 4-3 (zone regulation), article 4-4 (margin regulation), article 4-5 (front regulation ), 4-6-1 (side court bylaw) and 4-6-2 (backyard bylaw) of the Madison County Zoning Ordinance. The applicant seeks to build a single-family home and requests an exemption to apply the R3 (multi-family) regulation for setbacks (front, back and sides) and the lot width requirement. The plot is zoned A1 (general agriculture) and was created before the adoption of a departmental zoning and subdivision decree. The parcel is identified on Madison County Tax Maps 50-21 and is located on Elly Road (Rt. 607). The public is invited to attend the hearing and to comment. Due to health concerns, written comments may be submitted prior to the meeting; written comments will be placed in the official personnel file. Copies of county ordinances and business-related documents are available for review at the Madison County Building and Zoning Office, 410 North Main Street, Madison, VA 22727; documents can be inspected Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Comments or questions can be sent by email to [email protected] or by calling 540-948-7513. Mr. Ligon Webb, County Planner

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