SCA Cardboard Challenge – Prince William County Public Schools

Student creativity shines in Neabsco Elementary School Cardboard Challenge

From an ice cream cart to a volcano to the New York City maze, student creativity was in the spotlight at the first annual Neabsco Elementary School Cardboard Challenge hosted by the Student Council Association (SCA).

Inspired by the Global Cardboard Challenge, students were tasked with creating whatever they wanted out of a cardboard box and submitting it to the school cafeteria for display. The SCA then organized a family event allowing families to view the creations and vote for their favourite. A total of 65 students submitted projects and nearly 140 family members attended the event.

“Our students have been successful and successful in achieving the goal of building something out of cardboard,” said Cindy Lindsay, Title I math teacher and SCA representative in fifth grade. “Students felt a sense of pride as they shared their accomplishments with their classmates, teachers, and community.”

While the event encouraged student creativity, it also challenged students to think academically in various content areas, including math, science, literature, and engineering. More so, he brought the school community together for his first major in-person event this school year.

“Family engagement is important to Neabsco because, historically, family engagement drives overall student success,” Lindsay added.

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