Seniors Center is looking for volunteers

By Cheryl Wilkinson | OVERVIEW Columnist

The Pagosa Springs Senior Center Community Cafe is asking for volunteers to help with the canteen. Please call (970) 264-2167 to volunteer or for more information.

Meals on Wheels
Volunteers wanted

The Senior Center’s Meals on Wheels program delivers approximately 3,000 fresh and frozen meals a year. We deliver fresh Meals on Wheels five days a week (and provide frozen Meals on Wheels on weekends) to residents of Archuleta County to help them stay healthy and independent in their own homes.

This program is vitally important as many seniors have little or no access to nutritious meals. They are often too frail or have health problems that prevent them from preparing their own meals or using the drive-thru site at the Community Café at the Center for Seniors from Monday to Friday.

The seniors’ center needs volunteer meals-on-wheels drivers for one day a week (or join our team of replacement drivers). Please join us on our team of drivers and build wonderful relationships with the seniors in our community. Call (970) 264-2167.

Take-out meals continue at the Seniors Center

In order to continue to provide meals, the Seniors Center is offering take-out hot meals and a salad with drive-thru option under the portico of the Ross Aragon Community Center.

These meals will be available Monday through Friday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. There is a suggested $4 lunch donation for those 60 and older. If you need your meal delivered, please call (970) 264-2167 to see if this option is available in your area.

The cost per meal for the public 59 and under is $8.50. Meals include a salad, a hot dish, a drink and a dessert or bread.

Please call (970) 264-2167 to make a pickup reservation. We are also continuing our Meals on Wheels program.

Staff will be available by phone. If you need to speak to a member of staff, please call (970) 264-2167.

Community Cafe Menu

Thursday, April 28 — Sliced ​​ham with cherry sauce, gratin dauphinois, whole wheat roll with butter, milk and salad.

Friday, April 29 — Orange chicken with rice, broccoli, milk, salad and croissant dessert.

Monday, May 2 — Tuna salad with green salad or sandwich, broccoli salad, milk, mandarin mousse and lemon.

Tuesday, May 3 — King Ranch chicken, sautéed zucchini, milk, salad, pear, and chocolate caramel crackers.

Wednesday, May 4 — Beet salad, chilli finger sandwich, milk, four-fruit salad and chocolate éclair.

Thursday, May 5 — Pork, red beans and rice, cauliflower salad, milk, salad and French apple pie.

For your convenience, you can make your reservations in advance or have a standing reservation on the days you know you will always pick up. Please cancel if you cannot attend your permanent reservation days. We would like to thank everyone for their support in adhering to our booking policy. This helps ensure that everyone who has booked receives a meal and allows us to provide additional, healthier meals.

Due to COVID-19, food supplies have been affected. Replacements will be made accordingly.

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