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At the Mitchell County Board of Supervisors meeting last week, Mitchell County Sheriff Greg Beaver addressed the joint statement he released with Cerro Gordo County Sheriff Kevin Pals on 11 March.

The statement confirmed that human remains found on the Cedar River Greenbelt Trail near Mitchell last July had been identified as the missing 29-year-old Angela Bradbury of rural Cerro Gordo County.

A cliff overlooking the Greenbelt trailhead near Mitchell where Angela Bradbury’s body was found.

Jason W. Selby Press News

“The trail is safe,” Beaver said. “We want people to keep using it. But the case is far from over. We will see extensions. We will try to find out what happened to the young woman and how she arrived in Mitchell County.

• In other cases, Mitchell County Engineer Rich Brumm reported that his crews were preparing for the end of winter, removing snow fenders from their graders.

“Mid-March, no matter how much snow we get, we won’t need to be too aggressive,” he said.

According to Brumm, he received quotes for pipes. “Last year we were a little tight-lipped about getting tips,” he said. “Because we were hoping prices would go down. It did not materialize. They’re not much higher, but they’re not cheaper either.

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Brumm reported that Dixon Construction has resumed construction of the Balsam Avenue Bridge. The focus for the week was to place reinforced steel plates in the bridge. Depending on the weather, Dixon could be pouring concrete next week.

“Today we’re getting one last visit to the bridge near the Wapsie with DOT (Iowa), so we’re getting that closure,” Brumm said.

Brumm said it’s not too late to remove the project on Monument Avenue from the bridge program, but if so, there’s a chance it could be posted or closed based on the preliminary inspection. “We have to fix it,” Brumm said. “He’s in bad shape. It could get worse. »

According to Brumm, while waiting to find the funds for the Highway 105 bridge, the design of the project should be started.

“We have to get the ball rolling,” he said, adding that he would contact a consultant to arrange a deal for the design of the bridge. “If we don’t pay it, it’s put aside. Either way, we need to put a design in place so that when we get funding, we can pull the trigger.

Currently, the Highway 105 bridge is one lane.

“A long-term shutdown could be very expensive,” Brumm said. “We probably don’t have all the equipment or materials to do a standard closure as required, so we would have to pay a traffic control company to come and install that material.”

Brumm believes a new bridge over Highway 105 is better than a temporary fix. He estimated that a new bridge would cost between $700,000 and $900,000. It would cost between $400,000 and $600,000 for a temporary fix.

“We might as well fix it all at once and be done with it for 80 years,” Brumm said.

He added that the cost of labor and materials would continue to rise.

• Mitchell County Supervisor Jim Wherry said he was contacted by Midwest Engineering regarding the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office HVAC project and the jail regarding requests for cost reductions.

One eliminates Slipstream dehumidifiers while reusing existing exhaust fans, saving $32,400. The second eliminates the branch circuit controller for low-traffic areas such as an outdoor placement classroom, adjacent conference storage room, and laundry room, saving $6,114. The third downsizes the two VFR condensing units, saving $4,200.

Supervisors approved all three change authorization requests.

Jason W. Selby is the Mitchell Country Press News community editor. He can be reached at 515-971-6217, or by email at [email protected]

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