Southern Lebanon Fire Department Junior Fire Program is looking for volunteers

The Southern Lebanon Fire Department offers a Junior Fire Fighting Program that gives 16 and 17 year olds the opportunity to give back to their community and gain hands-on experience that can be applied in other areas.

Participants in the junior firefighting program are not permitted to enter burning buildings, but can assist in the scene of an emergency by running hoses, placing ladders and working with other firsts. stakeholders.

All junior firefighters are under the direct supervision of experienced firefighters and can even use their volunteer experience as hours for senior projects.

“I have learned so many life skills that I can use in other areas. Most importantly, adaptability and organizational skills, ”said former junior firefighter Ian Mann, 18, in the SLFD statement. “The world is constantly changing and we have to adapt to these changes. ”

“It really feels good to know that I’m learning skills to keep my friends and family safe,” said Mailyn Klick, 16. “I learned the common fire hazards and how to correct them to make it safer.”

“Our junior firefighters are hard-working and an incredible asset on the scene of any emergency,” Friendship Fire Company president Robert Donley said in the statement. “Many of them become firefighters by the age of 18 and are ready to excel throughout their firefighter certifications. They show up every day with dedication, and it really pays off for them. “

The South Lebanon Fire Department is made up of three companies: the South Lebanon Fire Company # 1, the Friendship Fire Company and the Prescott Community Fire Company. The junior firefighters from each company collaborate when the SLFD conducts training sessions and during recruitment events.

The Fire Department is currently looking for teen and adult volunteers, with more information available at

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