Special Olympics still needs volunteers for this weekend

It’s the event of the year for Special Olympics athletes. Starting this Friday, the New York State Summer Games, the first in-person competition in several years, will be held at Ithaca College.

About 1,000 athletes and coaches from across the state will be in Ithaca this weekend. The festivities starting in a single day, they always have an urgent need for volunteers.

Omar Barry is one of the track and field athletes who will be competing this year. This is his eighth year competing in the State Special Olympics, and he’s looking forward to competing, especially after doing well on the national stage earlier this month.

“It’s so amazing after so long due to COVID that we can finally get back to our summer games in person. It’s actually one of my favorite events of all time,” said the athlete from the Special Olympics Omar Barry.

This weekend there will be swimming, weightlifting, gymnastics and five other sports with athletes working hard to win medals. Everyone has been waiting since 2020 to meet up for this statewide competition.

“We are delighted to be here, we are delighted to have them here. This joy, there is nothing like it. You know it when you see it and you want to encourage it and be a part of it,” said LaJerne Terry Cornish, president of Ithaca College.

Almost all of the events will take place at Ithaca College, including the track and field events that Omar will be competing in. The opening ceremonies start on Friday evening, with the main sporting events taking place in the morning and afternoon of Saturday. To end the weekend, with closing ceremonies and a dance party on Saturday evening.

Special Olympics is looking for volunteers who can volunteer time this weekend. Click here to find out how to lend a hand.

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