Texas Medic says more help needed in Ukraine – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The White House on Friday announced an additional $150 million in aid to Ukraine. Additional aid will include artillery shells, radars and other equipment.

A qualified doctor from North Texas who volunteers in Ukraine says all of this is necessary.

Sherman’s Anja Osmon spoke to NBC 5 on Friday from Ternopil, west of the capital kyiv.

“We still need help, we still need guns, we still need ammunition, and we still need people to work said guns,” Osmon said. “From drone operators to infantry to medics – there are openings in just about every role out there.”

Osmon is one of countless Americans with military experience who have volunteered to serve in a combat role in Ukraine.

Osmon, 30, trains as part of the International Defense Legion of Ukrainethe all-volunteer group of citizens of various Western countries fighting alongside the Ukrainians.

“They just give me a gun, point in the right direction, and I’m off,” Osmon said.

The recent death of the first American killed while fighting in Ukraine given renewed attention to American citizens who volunteered.

Osmon, an Army medic, trained at Fort Hood and spent seven years in the military and saw combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. She volunteered to fight in Iraq in 2015, against Islamic State fighters.

“Being a fighter is what I do, I don’t know how not to be a fighter,” Osmon said.

She traveled alone, flew to Poland and passed through Ukraine on March 20.

Right now, Osmon says she spends a lot of time training in the woods with weapons and that her small group of English-speaking volunteers hopes to join a Ukrainian combat unit soon.

In the meantime, she captures photos that she says reflect not only the damage inflicted by Russian bombing, but also the determination of Ukrainian citizens living under constant threat.

“Ukrainians continue to go to work even with the air raids going on, they are incredibly brave people to do it,” Osmon said.

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