The first Tee of Coachella Valley volunteers in the American Express

A group at the American Express who may have had more fun than us, was the first tee in the Coachella Valley.

Throughout the tournament, the young members of the First Tee were everywhere in sight. Having the opportunity to group up with the pros and be foot scorers for each of their rounds.

It’s a better spot than almost anyone else on the pitch, and something, according to First Tee executive director Teal Guion, is priceless.

“It’s amazing to have the opportunity to be behind the ropes for our kids, to be able to walk with golf professionals to see their dedication and that level of expertise,” Guion said. “Even watching their forehand routines and warming up, taking their practice swings and what they do to put that ball in the hole.”

A wonderful experience for young aspiring local golfers themselves to get a first hand look at professional golf.

“It was one of the most memorable weeks of my life, I would say,” First Tee member Maleyna Gregorio said. “Being able to walk with Jason Day and Justin Rose was a big memory and it’s thanks to the first start from the Coachella Valley that it made it all possible for these kids.” So I have to give my all to this wonderful organization.

To learn more about First Tee of Coachella Valley, click here.

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