This Week on Crypto Twitter: Latest Two Bored Ape Founders Move Forward, Buterin Pleads with Putin

Illustration by Mitchell Preffer for Decrypt

Crypto prices mostly fallen over the past week, but there have been some promising signs of crypto acceptance around the world: India and the European Union are readying their own central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and Russia is drafting legislation to integrate cryptography into the same regulatory framework. as foreign currency.

On Crypto Twitter, a drama unfolded that had nothing to do with prices or CBDCs.

Web3 grapples with Twitter harassment and ‘cancellation’

On Monday, non-binary Web3 and NFT educator Dame shared some of the abuse she received via coded messages attached to Ethereum transactions.

Transphobic messages aren’t worth reproducing, but you can watch them on lady’s twitter. Lady seemed to ignore him, writing in a follow-up tweet: “on the plus side, this person had to spend $7.16 to harass me lmao.”

It turns out that the stalker, unsurprisingly, didn’t even get the facts right. As Dame explained, “This person clearly has no idea who I am because I’m not trans or gay and have never had surgery.”

The next day, Dame received even more abuse, but a benefactor appeared to send them ETH and a message commending their bravery.

On the same day, digital art market SuperRare announced that it had severed ties with an employee for “past offensive and racist language”.

This employee was Ashley Christenson, aka Ashnichristfounder of Stream Coach Academy, a program to help amateur streamers become top content creators. Ashnichrist responded on Twitter, writing, in part, “I apologize for the hurt and hurt I have caused and stepping back from my role at @SuperRare to reflect and learn from my mistakes.”

So what were the “offensive and racist” tweets? They were Lyrics by Kanye West and Drake over a decade ago, and several cases where she used the word “retarded” – most recently seven years ago.

From the harassment sent to Dame, to the firing of Christenson, to the removal of Brantly Millegan from the Ethereum Name Service for past homophobic tweets, the Web3 community is clearly experiencing a watershed moment involving the anonymity and opinions of the people behind the avatars.

Podcaster Crypto Cobie threw down his playful two cents: “If you’re going to get fired for tweeting rude words in song lyrics 12 years ago, I kinda think you might as well tweet the same lyrics again to really make your layoff worth it. What’s the point of a decade of personal growth if you’re still fired. »

Two Remaining Bored Ape Founders Unmask

Last week a BuzzFeed Survey revealed two of the four anonymous designers behind the massively successful Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. On Tuesday, the two remaining members voluntarily stepped out of the shadows.

The founder known as “Emperor Tomato Ketchup” (clearly a Stereolab fan) passes Kerem into the offline world.

And “Sass” is called Zeshan.

Buterin implores Putin

Finally, Ethereum creator and Russian national Vitalik Buterin publicly asked Russian President Vladimir Putin not to invade Ukraine because it “harm humanity.”

The 28-year-old wrote: “Whether the situation returns to a peaceful path or whether there is a war can now be decided not by Zelensky, not by NATO, but by @KremlinRussia […] I hope they choose wisely.

Israeli blockchain investor Maya Zehavi added, “Vitalik’s opinion on geopolitics is so rare, it really signals to me how serious the situation is.”

Putin deployed forces to threaten the Ukrainian border, and many fear that a full-scale invasion is inevitable. So far over $570,000 worth of crypto has been sent to Ukrainian NGOs this year with the bulk of organizations using it for defense, medical supplies or cyber warfare.

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