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A host of major European tech founders and investors are today backing the launch of OneUkrainea new charity that brings sustainable humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.

OneUkraine will support Ukrainians at home and abroad, provide humanitarian aid and aim to rebuild Ukraine’s technological and wider infrastructure by SMEs and startups on the ground. With many of the organization’s founding members being from Ukraine or having family ties to the country, the organization hopes to leverage direct access to local networks and real-world data on the country’s needs.

The organization claims to have evacuated more than 5,500 people, mostly women and children, and already provided aid worth over 4 million euros. He also built a Ukrainian school in Lithuania to provide education for refugees.

In a statement, Martin Reiter, CEO and co-founder of OneUkraine: “With many of our founders born and raised in Ukraine, we felt compelled to help our friends, family and colleagues. All of our founders have a proven track record leading or founding tech unicorns, and now we’re collectively doing what we do best: working quickly and efficiently at scale, delivering instant, much-needed humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. We believe we can best help by bringing an entrepreneurial, data-driven, and sustainable approach to the world of humanitarian aid, alongside other major relief efforts.

The founding team of OneUkraine:

• Martin Reiter: Martin ran Groupon Ukraine in 2011 and still has many friends in Ukraine. Martin previously held leadership positions at Airbnb and Wayfair Europe and co-founded to help evacuate Ukrainian women and children.

• Martina Kojic: Martina grew up in post-war Croatia, with the impact and trauma of the post-war situation shaping much of her childhood. Martina co-founded to help evacuate Ukrainian women and children.

• Markus Fuhrmann: Markus, whose wife and family are from Mariupol, Ukraine, is CEO and co-founder of GROPYUS, and previously co-founder of and Delivery Hero.

• Wolfgang Heigl: Wolfgang, who lives in Lithuania, is the founder of NFQ and HomeToGo.

• Viktoriya Tigipko: Viktoriya, born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, is the founding partner of TA Ventures and the founder of ICLUB Global, the angel investor network. She is the founder of WTECH, a network of over 5,000 women in technology, chairman of the board of the Ukrainian Startup Fund, and founder and president of the Odessa International Film Festival.

• Johannes Reck: Johannes, whose grandfather grew up in a small village that is now part of western Ukraine, is the co-founder and CEO of GetYourGuide.

• Dmitry Gorilovskiy: Dmitry, whose mother is from Rovno, Ukraine, has been organizing adoptions of Russian disabled orphans since 2014, when the Russian government banned foreign adoption. He is a serial founder of product design, IoT and machine learning companies such as Woodenshark and Moeco.

• Klaus Hommels: Klaus is the founder and chairman of Lakestar and one of Europe’s leading venture capitalists.

• Jens Hilgers: Jens, whose wife is Ukrainian, is a serial entrepreneur and has founded and managed international gaming and technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. Among others, Jens is the Founder of GP at BITKRAFT Ventures and is the Co-Founder and President of G2 Esports.

• Alexa Sinyachova – CEO – Moeco. Alexa is Ukrainian. She is co-founder and CEO of Moeco and curator of WTech Berlin.

OneUkraine was set up as a long-term initiative and requires substantial donor funds. The cost of the operational team will be entirely financed by the personal funds of the founders, but OneUkraine invites donors and other partners to help finance the projects and effectively support Ukraine. The platform is incorporated in Germany as gGmbH, a charitable limited company and is audited by Ecovis, a leading charity auditor.

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