UNC commission discusses updates to building name change, plans to honor memorial to unsung founders

The building name change process has moved forward towards convening an ad hoc committee, which will then make recommendations to the board, said Patricia Parker, co-chair of the History, Race and Way Forward Committee on Monday. But she doesn’t expect the recommendations to reach the BOT until November at the earliest, she said.

Also at Monday’s History, Race and Way Forward Committee meeting, members discussed plans to host a two-part webinar series on the history and future of the Little-Known Founders Memorial.

What’s new?

  • Sherick Hughes, professor of education, has resigned from the Commission. Commission Co-Chair Patricia Parker introduced Simona Goldin, Associate Professor of Public Policy Research, as the newest member of the Commission.
  • Commission co-chair Jim Leloudis said the University will hold an international conference with the Universities Studying Slavery consortium in spring 2023.
  • The commission discussed plans to host a two-part webinar series on the Memorial to the Little-Known Founders on October 12-18.
    • The first webinar will focus on the history of the memorial. It will include a panel featuring representatives of the 2002 class of students, as well as community members, administrators and faculty members who were present during the planning and unveiling of the memorial.
    • The panel will answer questions about the origin of the monument, their involvement in the planning and inauguration of the monument, as well as how their perception of it has changed over time.
    • “We want to give the community the opportunity to participate and to lend their voice to any decision that we recommend,” said Joseph Jordan. “And also to make sure that we give some of the people who were here during that one time a chance to talk about what they had in mind, what were they thinking as they tried to bring this place to life. , this particular space and monument. “
    • The second webinar will focus on the future of the monument. This will include a discussion of recommendations for the Chancellor regarding practical issues the monument faces today, such as sinking into the ground. Leloudis mentioned his intention to ask panelists to make prepared statements before opening the meeting to viewers for discussion.
    • “All of these questions are meant to invite you to reflect with us on how best to truly make the voice of the community heard,” Leloudis said. “And give as much space as possible to the many people in our community, within the campus rock faces and beyond the rock faces, who over the years have thought very deeply about the Memorial of the Unsung Founders.”
    • Commission members discussed ways to maintain a productive conversation in an online format, including the use of chat rooms to foster more inclusive idea sharing. Parker also mentioned that they are open to hosting more webinars on the topic in the future.

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