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This week’s Vicksburg Post Volunteer of the Week is Monica Hicks, who contributed to Project Flower, a charity project through the Warren County Bar Association where volunteers helped with landscaping and repairing the playground at the Warren County Children’s Shelter.

Home Depot donations for supplies and activity kits, as well as monetary donations from the Warren County Bar Association and several attorneys contributed to the success of this project. Hicks is a 44-year-old Vicksburg native and father of three children: Ryan, Alaina and Analese, as well as a grandson, Dawsen.

She is the daughter of Frank and Lidelle Ditto and is a supervisor of several departments at the Vicksburg Home Depot.

“I’ve always loved helping my hometown and its people in any way I can,” Hicks said.

How did you hear about the Flower Project?

Tracie Herring, a member of the Warren County Bar Association, as well as a personal acquaintance of mine, approached me several weeks ago about Home Depot’s collaboration with the bar association to rejuvenate flowerbeds and the play area of ​​the children’s shelter.

How long have you been a volunteer?

I’ve been volunteering since I was a member of the environmental club in high school in 1994. I’ve always loved giving back. I moved to Ridgeland for several years and am grateful to not only be back here as a volunteer, but to work for a company like Home Depot whose core values ​​are to give back to the community.

What is your best memory of volunteering?

I have so many fond memories of volunteering, but the ones that stand out the most are always centered around the children of this community. Around 2000 I had the good fortune to work with Rainbow Farms and their horseback riding program (for people with disabilities), and during that time I saw children and adults with all disabilities heal and love the horse riding. To be part of this kind of pure joy is almost addictive; it changes your outlook on life. These people have faced challenges most cannot understand and still found the purest happiness I have ever seen just by participating in a horseback riding event. It really puts life into perspective. We are all blessed beyond how we feel and these kids really brought me that realization at an early age.

What would you say to someone thinking of volunteering?

To anyone considering volunteering, I would say, do it! There are so many people and so many organizations that need our help to make a difference or just to get by. When you are able to step outside of yourself and prioritize service to others, your life begins to change for the better simply by placing the needs of others above your own. So if you’re on the fence about it, I say give it a try. It can only make your life and the life of the person you choose to help better.

What were your tasks when you volunteered for the Flower Project?

With this particular project, I worked with (Herring) to estimate the materials and labor needed for the playground and flower bed renewal, as well as presented the project to Home Depot for approval and donations . She and I jointly established projects before the project date and organized volunteers. Then we all got to work redoing flowerbeds and creating new ones!

What have you learned from volunteering with the Flower Project?

During the flower project, I saw a side of our community that doesn’t get enough attention, and that’s the beautiful spirit of our residents who come together both corporate and private to improve the lives of children who are probably going through the scariest times of their lives. . I believe Vicksburg has a huge heart for this kind of thing, but we all get so lost in the negative that we lose sight of the positive. So, while doing this project, I had the chance to see the heart of our hometown.

Additional comments?

I believe that in a world full of questions and uncertainties right now, getting back to serving others and sharing our stories as well as our time and love with each other will surely make a difference in how we deal with the times. difficulties in which we live. Also, I’m just looking forward to being part of another community project

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