Volunteers assemble 10,000 school supply kits for homeless students

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – Back to school is here and SupplyBank.org hosted an event with San Diego volunteers to help assemble 10,000 school supply kits for homeless and low-income children in the Southern California region.

There were more than 400 volunteers at the convention center, from school children to military personnel, united for a common cause. “I’m really excited because I was helping kids in need,” says 12-year-old Remy Ally.

Besides being happy to volunteer, 9-year-old Remy and Issa arrived at the event early with their group of friends ready to pack supplies and hoping to make a difference.

“I felt really proud of myself for coming to help children in need and I feel so happy that my friends are here with me too,” said 9-year-old Athira Ravicumar.

Volunteers organized 10,000 school supply kits worth more than $600,000 in merchandise for homeless and low-income children in Southern California.

“Supplybank.org exists to ensure that all social workers in our state who identify people in crisis can get them the supplies they need,” shares Benito Delgado, executive director of supplybank.org.

The kits included folders, pencils, markers, glue and other school supplies packed in tote bags. And among the participating volunteers a group of soldiers. “It’s very nice to know that there are kids who get school supplies who can’t afford to pay for them,” says Navy member Brian Mims.

The supplybank.org team will distribute the school supply kits to those in need throughout the school year across the state of California.

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