Volunteers donate time and dance moves to help the Center for the Homeless

Fifteen dancers hope to raise thousands of dollars to help neighbors facing homelessness.

Business owners, athletes, and even Michiana’s ABC57 NightTeam anchor Tim Spearsgetting ready for the center for the homeless Dance with our stars fundraising event. Each dancer learns a routine while collecting “votes” in the form of donations. Each vote is $43, the daily cost to feed and house one guest at the Center.

But they can only do so with the help of volunteers like dance teacher Amy O’Day, from Amy O’Day’s Dance Studio.

“One thing I can do is volunteer my time,” O’Day said.

She helped out with the event for over a decade; offering free lessons and choreography routines.

This year, O’Day is supporting five different dancers, giving eight lessons each, spending over 40 hours helping organize the Centre’s biggest fundraiser of the year.

“I have four boys myself, and a lot of homeless people are children,” O’Day said. “I can’t even imagine that. So if there’s anything I can do, if it’s give my time and a bit of my talent to it, I’m more than happy.”

Dancing With Our Stars will take place on April 22 at the Hilton Garden Inn.

More information, including where to donate, can be found HERE.

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