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GLENVILLE — Volunteers from the Glenville branch of Trustco Bank traveled to Florida to bring water and supplies to those affected by Hurricane Ian.

Four volunteers left Schenectady on Thursday with two vans full of supplies.

Trustco Bank Senior Vice President JR George and Marketing Vice President Adam Roselan of Trustco Bank’s Glenville branch spoke about the work they and others at the bank have been doing to help those affected by Hurricane Ian.

“We have branches that have been hit pretty hard with water damage, wind damage, etc.,” George said. “We have a few branches that were right in the middle of the storm, Venice, Englewood and Beneva, were branches that were hit pretty hard.”

Employees began organizing the relief effort before the hurricane hit, George said. He said they knew the need would be immediate after the storm, so they went to buy supplies to take to Florida.

“We have employees, family, friends, we have a lot of snowbirds coming down the west coast of Florida,” George said. “So a lot of people in the bank know people personally, may have family there. We are a fairly small organization, so even the general management knows the people who work in these branches personally.

The group made three stops in Florida, two at Trustco Bank branches and a local church. They brought water, canned goods, batteries, paper towels and other necessities to residents who had weathered the storm.

“We had two large vehicles which we filled to the brim,” George said. “And we had a few employees, Adam being one of them, who energetically jumped at the chance to get in a truck and drive over there, they actually rode through the storm.”

Roselan was one of four employees from the Glenville branch who traveled to Florida last weekend. The group set out from Schenectady on Thursday afternoon and by the time they reached the Carolinas the group had to come to a halt due to the storm, George said. Saturday morning the caravan reached the west coast of Florida.

“Obviously we’re not a target, or a Walmart or a Lowe’s, where we bring in 600 trucks or generators the size of a house,” George said. “But we thought anything we could do at the time would be helpful.”

Trustco Bank has 147 branches in total, including about 50 in Florida and five on Florida’s west coast, George said.

“We first went to our branch in Beneva Village, Sarasota,” Roselan said. “We had a number of employees there, ready, they had no electricity in their homes, water, things like that. We brought batteries so they could have flashlights, we brought tarps, there was a lot of damage to the roof.

The bulk of the supplies went further south to the Englewood branch, which was hardest hit by the hurricane, Roselan said.

“It was pretty bad,” Roselan said. “We’ve had a few big storms here, but to see houses completely destroyed, roofs destroyed, RVs overturned, trees downed and roads washed away, it’s pretty crazy how bad this storm was and the damage that she caused.”

The majority of Trustco Bank branches in Florida have been able to reopen, with the other two expected to open in the coming days.

“We’re not going to fix this, but we’re going to help,” George said. “And I think in Florida it’s going to be a long-term effort that we’ll be part of. It will not just be supplies that we will deliver. We really like to take care of our employees, our customers and all Floridians.

It was not the first time that Trustco Bank had provided assistance after a natural disaster. A supply van was brought to Kentucky as parts of the state suffered heavy flooding. Roselan said he also helped with this effort.

“It’s something we do,” Roselan said. “We consider ourselves the bank of our city and we take care of our neighbors.”

On Tuesday, Trustco Bank announced that it had donated $10,000 to the Florida Disaster Fund, the state fund to support communities impacted by Hurricane Ian.

“We are always ready to support the wonderful communities of Florida and our countless dedicated employees and loyal customers there,” Trustco Bank Chairman, President and CEO Robert J. McCormick said in a press release. . “We are grateful to our local teams who have come out to provide food and water to the communities we serve and we hope our donation can provide relief after the devastation left by Hurricane Ian.”

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