Volunteers help Colbert County High School get to Pearl Harbor ceremonies

The Colbert County High School Band would like to thank everyone who helped make this trip possible.

They know that without the community’s help, they wouldn’t be in Hawaii to prepare to perform at the 80th Pearl Harbor commemorations.

An anonymous local donor offered a gift of $ 50,000 to help pay the estimated $ 120,000 cost of the trip if the group raised $ 50,000 in matching funds.

“I can’t imagine our biggest trip when I was in the band was going to Memphis at the Cotton Carnival, and these kids are going to Hawaii and it’s just unimaginable,” said Rodney Logan, former CCHS band member. and supporter of the community.

Army veteran Matthew Green and his son, Marine Joseph Green, are two of many who have helped push fundraising efforts.

“I knew as soon as people discovered an opportunity to help support this effort, not only to send young people to be a part of it, but also to honor these veterans and those we had lost in this terrible situation, terrible event 80 years ago I knew their hearts would be ready to offer any kind of support they were able to provide to make it happen, and so many people have, ”said the veteran of the Matthew Green Army.

Matthew and Joseph Green are just two of the many who have helped push the fundraising efforts.

And it is not only the military community that has mobilized.

“I think one of the donors was someone who walked in the 1970s,” said Melcha Satchel, principal of Colbert County High School.

“I just had a conversation with them and he said I just wanted to support these kids because I was a kid in the group, and I’m like wow.

“The support isn’t just for the state, not just for Leighton, not just for Colbert County High School,” Satchel said. “It’s about supporting the band, the fine arts, the veterans and all of the above.”

People from all walks of life want to give these children the chance to experience something much bigger than themselves.

“I hope they come back with an understanding of the sacrifice that has been made for this country,” said community supporter Bradley Logan.

“For many of them it might be an eye opener as there is a lot of sacrifice in this battle which should be a great opportunity for them,” said Joseph Green.

WAAY 31 is in Pearl Harbor with the Colbert County High School Band. See all of our coverage HERE

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