Volunteers raise money to help cover the cost of shipping donations to Ukraine

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) — The wintry weather on Saturday didn’t stop residents of western Massachusetts from organizing a fundraiser for the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

Daigle’s Truck Master in Chicopee partnered with Full Gospel Church of Westfield to host the event.

Volunteers stood outside in the rain, sleet and snow Saturday morning to collect monetary donations that would benefit the people of Ukraine.

The goal of the Drive Thru Fill A Bucket fundraiser is to raise funds to send donations across the world to Poland.

“It costs $2.30 for every pound of gear on the plane,” organizer Susan Byrne explained, “so your average skid is over 700 pounds, so it’s over $700.”

Western Mass News spoke with Byrne who told us about the motivation behind the event.

“It’s been miserable, but you know what, if Ukrainians can cope with what they’re facing, how can we not stand up in the rain and raise money for the greater cause?” she says.

The volunteers we spoke to agreed.

“It’s cold, and the sleet is hitting my face and hurting me,” said Raisa Polyova.

Still, Polyova told us their efforts were worth braving the wintry weather.

“We need money for Ukraine,” she said. “Any kind of help. I’m sure they have worse than us right now.

Organizers told us they had spent the past week campaigning for donations. Prior to Saturday’s event, they had already raised over $12,000. However, more money is needed to ensure that all donations that have been collected reach Ukraine.

If you would like to donate, you can contact Full Gospel Church in Westfield at (413) 579-5116, or click here to donate online.

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