West Coast Best Coast – Highest national score achieved in the Dutta Corp Championships. USEA YEH West Coast 2022

October 29, 2022

West Coast Best Coast – Highest national score achieved in the Dutta Corp Championships. USEA YEH West Coast 2022

This is Me Z owned by Tommy Greengard and Andrea Pfeiffer. USEA/Tina Fitch Photo

The last West Coast winners were crowned at the Dutta Corp West Coast Championships. USEA YEH 2022 and the USEA FEH West Coast Championships. On the final day of competition at Twin Rivers Ranch in Paso Robles, Calif., eager owners, anxious riders and cheering spectators watched the respective judges determine the fate of their young horses in the YEH West Coast 4-Year- Old and 5-Year-Old divisions as well as in the FEH West Coast 3-Year-Old and 4-Year-Old divisions. With the young mounts competing for their respective titles this weekend producing some of the highest scores of any regional championship, the West Coast proves it could be the best coast.

Natagho-w owned by Cellar Farm Corp. USEA/ Tina Fitch Photo

To start the day, competitors YEH-4 and YEH-5 embarked on the final round of show jumping by battling it out on a cross-country obstacle course after a brief trip around the jump ring. obstacles. After the first day of competition, the 4-year-olds were a close group with a fraction of a point separating the bulk of the field, but in the end it was Cellar Farm Corp’s Dutch Warmblood gelding Natagho-w (Comthago x Odorette-W ) under the saddle of Kristin Joly who took advantage of her show jumping background, which accounted for 70% of the total score, to win the West Coast Championships with 84.10 points.

Having only been paired with the gelding for a few weeks, Natagho-w prepared for action by showing off his expansive, efficient stride and powerful jump to YEH judges Marilyn Payne (USA) and Martin Plewa (GER). “It’s actually her first show in America,” Joly said. “We only imported him from Holland a month ago, and he’s just an amazing jumper and engine. He was great today and the cross-country course was so much fun. I thought it was amazing. It was beautifully decorated, the questions he asked the horses were brilliant and we just had a great time there.”

This is Me Z owned by Tommy Greengard and Andrea Pfeiffer. USEA/Tina Fitch Photo

Immediately after the conclusion of the 4-year-olds, the 5-year-olds took the course to show their form, their range and, above all, their potential. As Tommy Greengard led the field after day one aboard Lisa Peecook’s Holsteiner mare Macha (Don Frederic x Com Airline), the talented young rider found himself in the winner’s circle with another of his entries, That’s Me Z. Owned by Greengard and Andrea Pfeiffer, the Zangersheide gelding by Take A Chance On Me Z and Venetia was “…the most ready to show off,” Greengard said.

Greengard made it a theme not only for standing on many USEA Championship podiums, but also for winning aboard horses he only rode for a short time. After multiple championships at Rebecca Farm this summer for the 2022 USEA All-Around Championships, her performance this weekend marked her first YEH Championship victory. He went on to say, “We’ve only had it for a month or two. He was from Matt Flynn in England. He’s found us a few horses before and Andrea Pfeiffer, who owns the horse with me, saw him and was like he was the next horse, and before I knew it he was in the barn. He was everything Matt said he was and more.

Tucking another feather in their caps, the talented import of Greengard and Pfeiffer not only earned the highest score of any West Coast region entry with an 85.30, but also won the 5-year-old title the top performer at both the East and West Coast YEH Championships beat the score of 84.29 that Patricia Luttgen’s Trakehner gelding, Sky Moon (EH Sixtus x Pr. St. Sky Lady) set with the rider Boyd Martin at the Maryland 5 Star during the Dutta Corp. Championships. USEA YEH East Coast 2022 presented by Dubarry.

The Holekamp/Turner Bursary is awarded to the horse with the highest YUEH East Coast and West Coast Championship score combined pending qualification for the 7-Year-Old World Breeding Championships at Lion d’Angers , in France. On both coasts, That’s Me Z is currently the highest ranked horse vying for the grant.

Secret Romance Property of Stacia Lloyd. USEA/Tina Fitch Photo

Shifting into high gear for the USEA FEH West Coast Championships, Stacia Lloyd’s Oldenburg mare Secret Romance (Schwarzenegger x SH Romance) who was bred by Cathie and Kaylie Bruner, took the jump chute where she scored an 81.30 nearly five points clear of second-place runner-up to win the 2022 USEA Future Event Horse 3-Year-Old Champion title. Although Lloyd said she was “wild” earlier in the year , she showed she could be a great eventing entrant, catching the attention of judges Marilyn Payne and Kate Rocco (USA).

“She was raised in Alberta, Canada, and I acquired her during the pandemic,” Lloyd said. “When it all started I decided to look for something really nice, but I couldn’t afford a three or four year old. I saw her baby pictures and ended up buying her when she was nine months old she had a nice head and a very upward movement the pictures of her kerchief were also really nice and she also had a nice head i didn’t know much about bloodlines but i liked her dark bay color and i especially like mares and the name seemed like a good one so i went with her.

Valiane owned by Barbara Hanel. USEA/Tina Fitch Photo

When the final weekend champion was crowned, it looked like all the winners would come from just north of the US border as Barbara Hanel’s Canadian Warmblood mare Valiane (Valentino x Joey) prevailed over the talented pack with a score of 82.60. . Raised at AC Training Stables Ltd. by Shannon Carr, this mare showed impressive power and form most certainly linked to her Voltaire bloodlines.

“I helped her start this year and so far she is doing well. Her grandfather is Voltaire and she was picked up with two different horses. How I got the ride on this horse was really an accident. I went to ride another chestnut mare and they were in the pasture all woolly and covered. I ended up catching this one off the field when she was three, and I jumped on her and she hadn’t been ridden in six months and was barely broke. I was very confused, but it turned out that I was on the wrong horse! I stayed with her and the owner, Barbara, took me either me or one of the daughters of the owners of Elk Run Farm will launch her into her eventing career as soon as she is ready to go.

Temptress of Love owned by Katrina Rivas. USEA/Tina Fitch Photo

The highest scoring American-bred horse at the 2022 USEA FEH 4-Year-Old Championships was Katrina Rivas’ Irish Sport Horse mare, Temptress Of Love, who was bred by Paisley Phelps of Valley Center, CA.

“I’ve been a member of the YEH and FEH program for a very long time as a rider, trainer, breeder and more,” said Andrea Baxter of Twin Rivers Ranch in Paso Robles, Calif. I’ve been on both committees for a long time as well, and I really try to keep it alive on the west coast and do my best to grow the programs. We tried to do our best and it kind of got lost in the mix when we tried to combine [the Championships] with our recognized events, and it would be missed, so we decided to take it over and make it its own standalone event and championship. It’s actually fortunately growing, and we’ve even brought in people from Washington State just for that, which means a lot to the program and shows the direction it’s going and growing.

USEA would like to thank all of the West Coast venues that stepped up to host the USEA FEH and YEH qualifying competitions this year. USEA would also like to thank the Baxter family and Twin Rivers Ranch for hosting this year’s championships.

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About the USEA Young Event Horse Program

The Young Event Horse (YEH) program was established in 2004 as a search for eventing talent. Like similar programs in Europe, the YEH program was designed to identify young horses between the ages of four and five, who possess the talent and disposition to, with proper training, excel at the highest levels of the sport. The ultimate goal of the program is to single out horses with the potential to compete at the four and five star levels, but many fine horses that excel at the lower levels are also featured by the program.

The YEH program provides an opportunity for breeders and owners to show the potential of their young horses while encouraging the breeding and development of the best competition horses for the future. The program rewards horses that are educated and prepared in a correct and progressive way. During the qualifying events, the young people perform a dressage test and a jumping/galloping/general impression phase. During the Championships, young horses are also evaluated on their conformation in addition to the dressage test and the jumping/cantering/general impression phase. Click here to learn more about the Young Event Horse program.

USEA would like to thank Bates Saddles, SmartPak, Standlee Premium Products, Parker Equine Insurance, Capital Square, Kerrits and The Jockey Club for sponsoring the Young Event Horse program. Additionally, the USEA would like to thank The Dutta Corp., title sponsor of the Young Event Horse Championships.

About the Holekamp/Turner Grant

Founded in 2015 by Timothy and Cheryl Holekamp of New Spring Farm and Christine and TJ Turner of Indian Creek Farm, the Holekamp/Turner Scholarship offers a USEA Young Event Horse (YEH) Championship competitor the opportunity to represent the United States at the FEI Events. Breeding World Championships in the 7-year-old CCIYH3*-L championship at the Mondial du Lion in Lion d’Angers, France. For the sole purpose of clearing a clear path for Team USA horses to progress in the sport of eventing, winners who are bred in North America will receive the full cash grant of $17,500, while imported horses will receive $8,000. Additionally, The Dutta Corp. offers a prize to the recipient of the Holekamp/Turner scholarship, consisting of a return flight from the eastern United States to Europe.

About the USEA Future Event Horse Program

The USEA introduced the Future Event Horse Program in 2007 in response to the popularity of the already established USEA Young Event Horse program. While the YEH program evaluates potential 4- and 5-year-old competition horses based on their performance, the FEH program evaluates 1-year-old, 2-year-old, 3-year-old and 4-year-old horses for their potential for sport based on conformation. and type. Yearlings, 2 year olds and 3 year olds are shown in hand while 4 year olds are shown under saddle at a walk, trot and canter before being stripped of their harness and assessed on their conformation. The divisions are separated by year and gender. At the Championships, 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds must also demonstrate their potential over obstacles in an additional free jumping division. Click here to learn more about the Future Event Horse program.

USEA would like to thank Bates Saddles, Parker Equine Insurance, SmartPak, Standlee, Kerrits, Capital Square and The Jockey Club for sponsoring the Future Event Horse Program.

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